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The Inventor of a Novel Tire Prototyping Method Unrolls the Idea to the Public: Meet the Feix ‘O’ Tire the Elastomeric Additive Rotary Method

Vancouver, Canada, November 18, 2020 –(– David Feixo Irazabal, a part-time student and forthcoming B. Tech. graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), had a problem with his bike during 2019 summer. He used to get flat tires regularly in his commute to work – well, not anymore.

As part of his final graduation project, he constructed a 3D printing machine with the unique characteristic of pivoting its printing bed. This simple, yet ingenious technological application idea of a circular bed rotating axis principle is allowing him to produce airless 3D printed tires using flexible thermoplastic polyurethanes on demand. These materials are often compared with rubber in the industry, thus possible to be used for tire applications.

“As a city dweller, I like to have my bikes ready to roll for adventures. It is the odd size of my newest folding e-bike that has not left me many commercial tire choices. Yes. It is an adult size bike,” said the mechanical inclined Inventor while smiling. “The rotary-axis mechanical movement is quite easy to achieve with an Fused Filament Fabrication modified 3D printer,” confirmed Mr. Feixo Irazabal.

Apparently, any inclined technology individual could Do It Yourself (DIY) and take advantage of this particular additive manufacturing principle that he is proposing. The innovation is worth to explore further and to consider as an application for other vehicles or any apparatus where industrial polyurethane tire-alike elements needed. The Inventor suggested wheelchairs as an example, but there are endless possibilities.

When he was asked if a patent would be pursued, he said: “I took advantage of the opensourced STEM community innumerable times. Heck. The future needs to have more open-source proactive individuals. Let me return the favour this time.” He just insisted on calling it Feix ‘O’ Tire and be attributed for the contribution.

David Feixo Irazabal currently works as Mechanical Design Manager at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia.

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