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The Key to Digital Privacy

Millions (upon millions) of people leave even more valuable items unprotected every day. Digital files containing financial information, company’s trade secrets, medical records, and private pictures best left unseen are stored on their PC’s, laptops or flash drives.  What about your sensitive files?

Scary fact: More than 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen every week in the U.S.  Even scarier fact: Flash drives are even easier to lose.  What happens to all that data if it gets into someone else’s hands?

It was easy for the guy who hacked Sarah Palin’s email password and account doing just a few Google searches for information about her. What about the guys who fix your computer when you take it in for repairs? Can you trust them with access to your most private data?

It’s painful to even think of the havoc that digital data dippers could wreak after gaining access to your personal, financial, or corporate data.

So why don’t people more protect their data?  It’s not like there are no options. There are more than more than 100 software and hardware encryption solutions available to protect your digital privacy. Any one does part of, or all of the job, with varying degrees of effectiveness, ease and economy.

The trouble is the better ones – like the Iron Key hardware solution – can be very pricey. And they’re programmed to melt down if anyone tries to break through their security wall – you lose all your data.

Some of the better encryption software is very effective, but they can be awkward to use and leave you high and dry if you lose your password. No password, no access to data. And then there are password managers that can help keep your various passwords organized, but they can get complicated too – without providing protection from key-logging programs.

The creators of Encrypt Stick™ — ENC Security Systems – have been working since 2005 to perfect digital privacy management (DPM) software that really hits the security sweet spot for ease, economy and effectiveness.

Encrypt Stick™ uses the hardware ID of a flash drive, along with a password you choose, to create hidden vaults on your hard disk — or any other media you can write on, including the flash drive. Since it runs from the flash drive it leaves no footprint on any computer. The vaults –- the storage areas to keep your hidden, encrypted data — are encrypted with ENC's robust 512-bit polymorphic encryption algorithms.

Here are the top reasons for checking out the latest Encrypt Stick™ release:

  •    Easy to download the software.
  •    Easier to use than other encryption programs.
  •    Strong, fast encryption.
  •    Leaves no footprint on the host computer.
  •    You can take your important files with you safely.
  •    If you lose your flash drive, you can quickly access encrypted files on your PC through a new license via ENC’s website.
  •    You only have to remember one password. The Built-in Password Manager not only stores passwords but can also automatically generate strong   passwords.
  •    Virtual encrypted keyboard deters key-logging.
  •    Licenses for Mac and Windows; no extra cost; XP or OSX 10.4 or later is required.
  •    You can try Encrypt Stick™ for FREE.
  •    Enhanced full version ($40.00 – special offer at the time of this writing is $19.95) grants license for a single flash drive, removes all limitations and adds many new features!

Just add Encrypt Stick™ software to your flash drive!  So wherever you go, your digital files will be protected – and you’ll always have your passwords available when accessing servers or websites from the road.

By: Patrick Cotter:Patrick is a Vancouver, BC based freelance tech writer who specializes in reporting on new & innovative technology.

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