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The Launch Of TheChatroulette – The Latest Sensation In The World Of Web Chatting

The only requirement is a webcam. Once the cam is connected, the users can connect to the world at lightening speed and meet new people at just a click of the mouse. Another feature that gets this new web chatting tool a winning edge over its counterparts is that it does not even require the users to create a profile and add personal details to it. The users do not even need to send friend requests to interact with other users. One can instantly start anonymous conversation randomly with individuals from across the globe. TheChatroulette has thus removed all the boundaries and restrictions from web chatting. It offers both freedom and fun, in a highly interactive package.

Though it is true that facebook, twitter, and other social networking tools have been very popular, but at the same time, it has also been found that many people are now getting bored with them. The reasons are obvious. These social networking tools primarily use still photo (which can be fake) and text. The fear that the person one is chatting with is probably using a fake photo and a fake profile takes the charm away from the conversation. On the other hand, TheChatroulette allows the users to see the person they are chatting with instantly. The conversation takes place in a live environment without any formalities. There is also a “next button”. So, if the person one is chatting with does not seem to be very interesting, he/she can simply click on the next button to start interacting with another individual. It is great fun because the users just do not know how the next person will look like, where he/she is from, and whether he/she will appear on the screen chat or dismiss the interaction.       
Considering all these wonderful features, the addictive elements of TheChatroulette are quite obvious. No wonder why it is becoming so popular so fast. It is definitely a welcome new step in social media. People who are looking for new friends from across the globe will find it very useful, as it allows a very easy access to an endless stream of random strangers from different parts of the world and bring you face to face with them.

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