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The Next Generation of Blogs and MABs Released by Smart Media Technologies

And what that Blogger earns from can grow exponentially.

Many Bloggers have advertising on their blogs and make money when people click on the ads but with HPP it is far more powerful because the bloggers users are building their network by giving their branded HPP system to others which does not happen with other blogs.

Celebrity Bloggers with large followings can earn more through this system than many professional writers. For example, a Blogger with 10,000 followers that all earned just 1 cent a day in smart points would earn $9,000 a month – that is if they each only earned 1 cent a day – and if none of those people told anyone else about it which are both highly unlikely scenarios.

Home Page Pays also offers the Blogger more features to interact with their readers. They can send Smart Mail which unlike email is 100% deliverable with no content filtering. They can send them a "live" private message, one and/or send messages, pictures and videos to all of them on a live feed. While this can be done on sites like Twitter as well, users have to be logged on to Twitter to see the message, but on HPP it is always on because the user gets compensated whenever it is on and since it is on their browser it is also on any website the user goes to. So no matter where the user goes online the Blogger's branding is there as well as icons to tell the user whenever they have a message on Smart Mail. It truly opens up a whole new world of opportunity for Bloggers.

About Smart Media Technologies

Smart Media Technologies is a world-class technology company that has developed proprietary technology called “Home Page Pays” (HPP) which is set to revolutionize the Internet world. HPP works on any computer or browser and no technical experience is required. This platform offers the user dynamic free services and products combined with the very best digital branding and advertising services that are available online.

Users have access to the HPP Social Community, which includes the latest Communication features, Social and Educational Games, Educational Video Libraries, Prizes, Giveaways, a Top Sites window to the Internet that puts the very best of the Internet at the users fingertips and the world’s only Reward Points System where users earn points for simply using the Internet that they can redeem in the HPP online rewards store."

CEO David Martin says; "Through creativity and our amazing technical team, we can do almost anything that we can dream. Our goal is to offer the most valuable free member system ever created."

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