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The Portland Group Announces PGI 2011 HPC Compilers and Development Tools

PORTLAND, Ore. Feb. 22, 2011

New features and enhancements include support for the new Advanced Vector Extensions to the x64 instruction set architecture (AVX) in upcoming Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Bulldozer CPUs, support for the Fortran 2003 language standard, enhancements in C++ performance through default fast exception handling and improved Boost C++ libraries support, OpenMP nested parallelism, new memory-hierarchy optimizations, debugger improvements including compact parallel register displays and tab-based sub-windows, and performance profiler enhancements to simplify browsing of multi-core profiles. The 2011 release also supports GPU performance profiling and benefits from revamped packaging for faster download and installation.

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Major HPC system vendors including Cray, HP and IBM are all now delivering systems incorporating GPU accelerators. Fully utilizing the performance potential from these new systems requires most HPC developers to modify and re-compile their code. Several different models for programming GPUs have been proposed with NVIDIA’s CUDA architecture and programming model achieving the widest adoption within the HPC community. In response to HPC market demand, NVIDIA and PGI cooperated to develop CUDA Fortran, a Fortran 2003 compiler and tool chain for programming of NVIDIA GPUs using Fortran in 2009. The two companies are now working together to develop the PGI CUDA C/C++ compiler that enables CUDA programs to port to any multi-core x64 processor-based system with or without NVIDIA GPU accelerators. ┬áThis capability was demonstrated at SC10 last November, and will be rolled out to PGI users in phases as part of PGI 2011 software updates throughout the coming year.

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PGI 2011 CUDA Fortran enhancements include CUDA Fortran module data sharing, a new capability to automate CUDA Fortran kernel generation, and optimized array slice assignments. New code generation and scheduling optimizations, including automatic loop unrolling, contribute to improved performance of both PGI Accelerator and CUDA Fortran GPU codes.

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PGI 2011 supports the latest operating system releases including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, Fedora 13, SLES 11 PS1 and Ubuntu 10.10.

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(1) CUDA is the parallel processing architecture of NVIDIA GPUs.

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