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The Relationship Company Launches Local Dating Service in Omaha, NE

The reception we received in Charlotte exceeded my expectations by a long shot, said a surprised Sharpe. A lot of the success has to do solely with the people we hired to run our office. They are exceptional individuals who not only take the time to listen to our clients, they take a personnel interest in their social lives as well.

Recently, two members of Omaha Singles announced their engagement. It was a thrilling moment for the Omaha office, says Sharpe.

The Omaha member success team was instrumental in getting these two lost souls together, said Sharpe. They met at one of our social events, hit it off, and were constant companions after that. The girls were thrilled to get the phone call announcing the engagement, and were especially pleased they were singled out for their role in bringing the two together.

We are  passionate about creating a company that is focused on being of maximum service to you.  Every decision we make is based on how we can provide a better service and experience for you.  It’s a work in progress, but I am confident that we will get there  Easter is a time to enjoy friendships, family and the relationships that matter most.  We wish you a very Happy Easter and look forward working with you soon!

Communication is also one of the most important thing in relationship. Often we don’t share our feelings with our partner/spouse for the fear of hurting them and some times we may avoid speaking our mind in order to avoid an argument. Continuation of this kind of behavior has the potential to destroy a relationship. Not sharing your feelings will lead to simmering resentment within you and the other person will continue with their life without even realizing that their behavior is hurting you. The result can be an explosion of bottled up emotions, leaving your partner bewildered and deeply hurt. Open channels of communication are therefore vital for the health of any relationship and remember communication need not always be in an argumentative tone or a high pitched voice. It’s important to keep your ego aside and communicate your feelings in a loving manner, in order to save yourself and your loved one from pointless hurt.

When asked how is stands out in the now crowded dating industry, he had the following to add: brings single men and women together in a safe online environment providing the ability to meet quality Single men and women for friendship, fun, dating and companionship. The Relationship Company performs extensive back ground checks on all of its members to make sure they do not have a criminal record or any violent felonies to their name. We also take their pictures ourselves and create their profiles to ensure their profiles are accurate. is the first company ever to launch a Click and Mortar business model giving its members online access to its database of single men and women and the added personal touch of offering counselor staffed member center locations for its Platinum members. The Relationship Company plans local events for their members ranging from Bowling, Rafting to Wine Tasting and Volunteer work together. There are no guarantees in love but we definitely increase your chances! attracts quality single adults who are serious about meeting someone special and are ready to find their Special someone.

More details about the The Relationship Company can be found at:

Omaha Location Address:   12925 W. Dodge Rd Omaha, NE 68154

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