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The Simplied Physics of Vapor and Thermal Insulation, a 60-Year-Old Reference Piece on Radiant Barrier Technology is Released in its Entirety by

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) May 30, 2012, the online leader in sales of radiant barrier and foil insulation continues to educate the marketplace by releasing the authentic Physics of Foil. This manual is the complete study of radiant barrier technology dating back to the 1940’s.

Until now, consumers are led to believe reflective insulation products used in building construction are spinoffs of America’s space program. They are not. Infra Insulation was making accordion style aluminum insulation in the 1930’s.

In all levels of the supply chain consumers find information regarding radiant barrier and foil insulation and its affiliation with NASA and the space program. NASA definitely used and still uses reflective materials but the roots of radiant barrier insulation span almost fifty years before.

InsulationStop is offering to its consumers an unprecedented look at the work of Dr. Alexander Schwartz, founder of Infra Insulation Company and his excellent work with radiant barriers in the 1940’s. Some isolated text from the Physics of Foil, a 50 page piece is scattered on the internet but not until now is the entire volume available.

From 1935 to 1965, the Infra Insulation Company provided accordion type aluminum insulation. Nick Semon, InsulationStop’s owner enjoys educating consumers on the true history of radiant barrier insulation, “Infra’s products are revolutionary for both then and today. The best performing application of reflective insulation that has been tested is in a crawlspace. One layer of insulation is installed in the floor joists and the other is installed beneath the floor joists creating two reflective airspaces. Infra Insulation designed an accordion insulation that unfolded and expanded during installation creating multiple reflective airspaces. Over 300,000,000 million square feet of insulation is installed in residences and commercial buildings here in the United States. As we researched the company we found Infra to be installed in such notable places as Purdue University, MIT, Harvard, and even in Frank Sinatra’s house!”

With material advancement, the reflective insulation industry re-emerged in the early 1980’s in the building construction and packaging industry. Much of the sales and marketing information as well as product advantages offered online stem from Schwartz’s work.

With more and more general acceptance of radiant barrier insulation, Mr. Semon suggests consumers should study the piece, “It’s all there, from 80 years ago. The superb performance in reducing heat transfer though utilizing reflective airspaces. This is the how to manual which even addresses today’s perceived negatives in radiant barrier use such as limited radio and cell phone reception.”

Consumers can visit,, to explore the entire version of The Physics of Foil or can contact at 1-800-871-0410 for more information.

Nick Semon is co-owner of They offer individual and bulk orders of U.S. made radiant barrier and reflective bubble foil insulation products for commercial and residential use. The company is committed to offering extensive knowledge on the use and application of its reflective insulation products.

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