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Microsoft products hurt almost every business. 10/10/01 ReleVents hed: The survey says… dek: Microsoft products hurt almost every business. by James Mathewson A recent survey highlighted on our site today shows that nearly 90 percent of all companies that responded to Information Security Magazine’s annual survey suffered through some form of virus or worm attack in the last year. While we have covered the issue of worms and viruses, especially in relation to Microsoft’s systems, we have had no sense of just how widespread the problem is until now.

Without this perspective, we were unsure of the real cause of the security problems. Microsoft, whose systems have borne the brunt of the vast majority of viruses and worms, blamed its users for lax security attitudes. And I went along with this, to some extent. Security does deserve more attention than it received before Sept. 11. But, a Gartner analyst blamed Microsoft, and

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