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The Technological Revolution: How to Become Part of the Innovations of Today

The world has really been witnessing a technological revolution as of late. Tiny microchips are allowing medical research scientists to perform clinical trials without test patients. 3D printing is being used to recreate human body parts. Smart phones allow anyone to communicate at anytime from anywhere. If you want to become part of this new wave of innovation, there are certain things you can do.

1. Study Engineering

One field that can certainly put you in the driver’s seat in regards to developing innovative new technology is engineering. Steve Jobs wasn’t the one who designed the iPhone. It was engineers that built the actual hardware prototypes. Similarly, you too could be designing the next big thing as an engineer. Simply obtain an online electrical engineering master’s degree. You could find yourself designing anything from military weapons to assembly line robots.

2. Obtain a Tech Internship

Many of the biggest and most innovative tech companies have extensive internship programs. This includes Google, Apple, Intel, Microsoft and more. If you’re lucky enough to obtain such an internship, it could certainly set you on a direct path to begin a career working in information technology and Silicon Valley in particular. Make the best of your time during such an internship and try to create relationships that could then be used as networking connection later in your career.

3. Work for a Defense Contractor

As has been the case for hundreds of years, much of the newest and most impressive technological achievements were the result of military engineering. If you do obtain an engineering degree, one excellent choice is to choose to work for a military contractor. Companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumann, General Dynamics and more are always looking for new engineers. You could work on tanks, aircraft, night vision goggles, drones, laser guided missiles and much more.

4. Become a Biomedical Engineer

Another great choice is becoming a biomedical engineer. These are the professionals that work with doctors and research scientists to create new medical devices, medical equipment and healthcare software to improve the lives of patients suffering from disease, illness or disability. If you want to create innovative products and really help people in need at the same time, becoming a biomedical engineer is one way to accomplish that.

There are many ways you can work on innovative technology as a career. However, you need to start planning early. Make sure you take the right courses both in high school and college so you can learn the skills and knowledge necessary to work with technology.

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