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Things To Keep In Mind Before Accepting a Job Offer!!!

How are women treated within the organization?

As we known most of the times women treated differently at workplace, you should watch it carefully. If there are many women working within the office, but few if any hold management positions, it is best to keep looking.

How is the company structured?

Company name & infrastructure can affect your career & future job search. A company may appear to be a small, flat organization, but many times, such companies may be a part of a large, multinational organization that may or may not value the company. So always give a look before join to the company.

Will you get along with your Boss and Co-workers?

There’s no law requiring you to like the people you work with, but you’ll at least want to make sure you can get along with them. It’s particularly important to make sure you and your boss will be able to work well together.

Will this job enhance or expand your focus on your career?

Mostly you can find something useful in the work; you have to catch that skill to keep your "dream-job" search on track.

Are there clear, attainable benchmarks for success?

Before you take the job, verify that it comes with achievable metrics for success. If there are no outlined standards of accomplishment, partner with your employer to create them.

Is it suited with your skills?

To find a job that is a perfect match for your skills and personality may require a strategic approach to the job search. Always check the job that must match with your skills. It will help you to make your career strong.
Another good advice for the aspiring career woman: Get a job that will complement, not clash, with your home life. Get a job you really love and enjoy. which is totally dedicated to female job aspirants. aims to help women build their careers, without compromising their other responsibilities.

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