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ThynkWare Innovation Inc. Founder Duane Cash Granted USPTO Patent for Mind-Controlled Virtual Assistant on a Smartphone Device

McKinney, TX, July 10, 2018 –(– Duane Cash, founder of ThynkWare Innovation, a brain-computer-interface company in McKinney, Texas, was granted the patent for a “Mind-Controlled Virtual Assistant on a Smartphone Device.” The ground-breaking patent allows people to use their thoughts to control smartphone virtual assistants, such as Siri, as well as other devices, enabling actions and the ability to speak verbal messages to others.

The patent inventor, Duane Cash, is Founder and CEO of ThynkWare Innovation Inc., a brainwave technology company seeking to scale the technology to enable users to control other devices such as TVs, computers, robots, home automation systems, automobiles, drones and others using only thoughts. The system gathers EEG signals from an EEG headset and translates the signals into meaningful speech and actions.

The project began in 2013 as a school project and now has expanded into a corporate start-up seeking funding from outside investors. According to the founder, the company is looking to scale so that “everyone can enjoy using thoughts to control just about everything” and eventually the company has a vision of creating a set of brainwave-reading sunglasses.

The brainwave-reading glasses, according to the corporate website, is a set of augmented-reality glasses that allows users to control a variety of electronics by reading EEG signals from the users head from an array of sensors located on the frame of the glasses. The glasses allow users an augmented reality visual feedback through the lenses of the wearable allowing users to interact with social media, send messages to other people, and control other devices such as the TV and smartphone.

This latest patent for a mind-controlled virtual assistant enables ThynkWare Innovation to explore greater expansion possibilities as new investors approach the company with multi-million dollar offerings and patent licensing inquiries for the new brainwave technology which has become a market trending topic in 2018, as other companies began to express interest in this type of technology.

ThynkWare Innovation, founded by Duane Cash, provides the interface layer between your brain and your devices. With ThynkWare Innovation technology, anyone can use their thoughts to control their smartphones, tablets, home, office, TV, robots, and even clothing. ThynkWare Innovation creates a new way of computing, enabling us to “thynk,” to interact with devices, social networks, and other people. Some have suggested that the ThynkWare Innovation interface is the next step in computing following the invention of the mouse and personal computer.

Patent Information:
Patent Number: 10019060
Title: Mind-Controlled Virtual Assistant on a Smartphone Device
Publication Date: July 10, 2018

Original Patent Application Number: 14/168020
Filing Date: January 30, 2014

Original Published Application Number: 20150045007 A1
Publication Date: February 12, 2015

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