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Tips for Windows Administrator

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It’s easy to set an administrator account: Start>Settings>Control Panel>User Accounts>Pick a Task>Create a new account, in the text box ‘Name the new account’, enter a user name and click ‘Next’, keep the checkbox ‘Computer administrator’, and click ‘Create Account’ to set a new Windows administrator account.

Go back to the User Accounts window, and click the user name you newly created, and go on to click ‘Create a password’, then set a password for your user name.

What privileges does Windows administrator have?

With a computer administrator account, you can:

a. Create, change, and delete accounts

a. Make system-wide changes

a. Install programs and access all files.

The Welcome screen shows the names of everyone with a user account for this computer. This screen appears when you start the computer or switch users. Windows administrator user names will appear on this window.

What about user accounts which are neither administrator account nor guest account?

With user accounts, you can:

a. Customize the way Windows and the desktop look for each user on your computer.

a. Have your own lists of Web Favorites and recently visited Web sites.

a. Help protect your important computer settings.

a. Log on faster, and quickly switch between users without closing your program.

What’s the difference between the administrator account and guest account?

Administrator account has an overall control of the whole system, with administrator account, you can see and use all users’ documents and folders, modify files, and install and remove programs. However, if with Guest account, you can only use the ready programs installed on the computer, unable to view and modify files and folders created by other users.

How comes I log onto Windows with the hidden administrator account?

When booting Windows, the Welcome Screen only lists the regular user names by default. The administrator's account is hidden. Press key combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Delete two times) to display Login Dialog Window and you will see a user name box and a password box. Type ‘Administrator’ in the user name text box and enter the password in the Password text box. Then you log onto Windows with administrator account.

What if I forgot Windows password? What can I do if the administrator password is lost?

If you forget your password on a computer that is part of a workgroup or is a stand-alone computer, check your password hint. (Your password hint is located on the Welcome screen beside the password prompt.)

If you have a password reset disk, you can use it to create a new password for your account. Your personalized computer settings will be retained.

If your password hint does not help you remember your password and you did not create a password reset disk, you will need to have someone with a computer administrator account create a new password for you. For security reasons, a computer administrator cannot recover your password if you forget it; he or she can only create a new one for you.

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