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To Help Sellers Comply with the New eBay “Product Based Listing” Requirements, RedGecko Updates Their magnalister Inventory Management Tool

Berlin, Germany, June 28, 2018 –(– eBay has started rolling out its new product listing concept, listing similar products together in an eBay catalog. All eBay product listings that do not comply with the new eBay catalog requirements will no longer be shown on eBay. Catalog requirements will affect new and existing listings and will require a lot of crucial e-commerce system changes, including associating each product to the proper catalog and generating unique UPCs for every product. Only products that are associated with a product in the eBay catalog will be shown. Throughout 2018 and 2019, eBay will be expanding the catalog requirements in phases.

“The eBay changes are reasonable. Even though these changes cause a lot of work for developers to make it as simple as possible for the sellers; the buyer will get an amazing shopping experience. In a year or two we’ll see the results. And at the end it will pay off for the sellers too,” said Peter Maehner from magnalister.

The magnalister eBay tool can automatically update product listings to comply with eBay’s new requirements.

The recently updated magnalister Plugin from RedGecko is inventory management software for eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces. magnalister handles the majority of the listing job automatically across multiple marketplaces. A long-term partnership between eBay and magnalister lets this eBay tool be one of the best choices for connecting the marketplaces.

magnalister automatically compares if the related eBay catalog and the products from sellers’ online stores match unique criteria like the GTIN or manufacturer part number. If so, products will automatically be updated to meet eBay’s new grouped listings requirements.

For products that can’t be assigned automatically to the eBay catalog, magnalister provides the “Product Matching” feature where customers can compare their online store and eBay product details to associate the proper item to the proper catalog.

The Inventory tab in the magnalister Plugin provides more information and shows what happens after the association, current processing-status, and if the online-store product-title corresponds to the eBay product-title. A click on the product links to the eBay marketplace to check even more details.

magnalister is available for the following online shop systems:

– Shopify
– WooCommerce
– Magento
– PrestaShop
– osCommerce
– Shopware
– Gambio
– xt:Commerce

If sellers don’t have an online store and simply want to use magnalister to synchronize their products across different marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, the team will be glad to help set up magnalister-PIM (Product Information Management), which users can operate to manage their products across the marketplaces.

What is The New eBay Product-Based Shopping Experience?
Instead of listing the same product from different sellers under each other, now the same products will be grouped together in an eBay catalog. Eventually all search results will meet today’s buyers’ expectations: finding products easily, comparing and quickly deciding what to buy.

Technically speaking, this means a lot of crucial system changes so that eBay can easily identify similar products and group them with a single title and description in the catalog optimizing inventory. Product pictures will be merged too.

Each Product Variation Now Requires a Unique GTIN
eBay now requires sellers to generate a unique GTIN (UPC, EAN or ISBN) for every product in the new eBay catalog. If there are multiple variations of the same product, like a different color or size (multi-SKU), a separate GTIN is needed for each variation. Only products that are associated with a product in the eBay catalog will be shown.

Be Prepared – Don’t Waste Time – eBay Takes This Seriously.
eBay started the migration of a few Catalog Product Lines in May of 2018 (more details here and will step-by-step add more product categories. All listings for all item conditions – New, Used, Refurbished etc. as well as bundles will need to be associated to eBay’s catalog products.

The following product lines will require catalog adoption from now on:

– Amazon: Echo and Fire Stick
– Apple: iPads, iPhones and TV
– Dyson: Am Cooling Fan Am Fan Heater, Am Humidifies and Pure
– Google: Chromcast and Home
– Jawbone: Jambox
– NEST: Thermostat
– Roku: Premier/Express/1/2/3/4.

According to eBay, the second phase is expected to be ready for use by sellers in mid-August 2018. There are 100s of new products affected by these changes and that will need to be associated with an eBay Catalog product beginning in mid-September 2018.

This will affect:

– Household Appliances
– Kitchen Appliances
– TV’s/Audio Equipment
– Tools
– and many other Household goods.

A complete list of these products can be found at

How To Be an eBay Top Seller in The New eBay Catalog
Sellers who familiarize themselves with the new product based shopping experience and optimize their businesses early on, will have an advantage over those who will leave the adjustments to the last minute.

“…your items will compete with other sellers’ listings for the chance to be featured in the top pick or the primary position on the product page. You must be at above standard, ensure your items remain in stock, and offer competitive shipping and pricing to improve your chances of winning the top pick.” eBay

From now on it is more important than ever to concentrate on eBay SEO. That includes:

Providing the best photos and descriptions.

Associating items in the proper one “best fit” category.

Having a competitive price. (That doesn’t mean to have the lowest price will automatically bring you on top of the listings.)

Providing excellent customer service is a must. Sellers may train their support agents well, and accept returns easily. Prompt replies to customer inquiries and support hours are also beneficial.

Peter Maehner from magnalister: “In the past years, the vast majority of buyers used search engines like Google to find products online. Understanding how Google SEO works was key for the seller’s success. Now, with improvements like eBay’s Product Based Listing and better marketplace catalogs, buyers are using eBay and Amazon for their product research. Thus, there’s an even more important discipline to manage properly: SEO for eBay and Amazon. Professional inventory management tools are mandatory now, to keep the best product ranking. Our magnalister team has the needed expertise and will be glad to assist sellers.”

About magnalister
The magnalister inventory management Plug-in was developed by renowned German ecommerce Software pioneers RedGecko. magnalister is a close partner of marketplaces like eBay and Amazon and has steadily grown since 2007. By exchanging seller and developer experiences, the engineers are constantly extending and improving the interface. The magnalister Plugin has managed more than $2.1 billion in orders and uploaded more than 70 million products to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon & Co. The magnalister ecommerce software is one of the most professional multi-channel listing tools on the market.

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