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Tools to hibernate with

Plato Grande’s Image Viewer 6, and more. Mac hed: Tools to hibernate with dek: Plato Grande’s Image Viewer 6, and more.

Looking for a program that will let you open and edit common graphics formats? Plato Grande software has released Image Viewer 6, which lets you import and view graphic formats such as GIF, PICT, and JPEG. You can also perform simple editing tasks such as cropping and rotating, and the program includes QuickTime effects and new help files. There’s a new Locations window that will let you launch folders, files and applications, and Plato Grande has also expanded the program’s printing options. This latest release has incorporated Mac’s new aqua interface. It’s shareware, so you’ll need to register and pay $10.

If you’re tired of using that standard calculator on your Mac OS, Brochu Software’s CalcWorks SE is shareware that will let you perform scientific calculations, change the color of the calculator to match the latest iMac colors, customize buttons and background, convert currency, and perform reverse-polish notation. Not included in this version is the binary math function, but registration for CalcWorks SE ($15) will let you use both versions.

Palm has released two free downloads, a Palm OS Emulator that emulates the hardware of the various models of Palm handhelds, and a collection of Palm Skins that you can use to display device-specific images. The Palm OS Emulator, based on the Copilot application, is a handy tool for anyone writing, testing, and debugging Palm applications. The source code is still available.

Create Web pages with Western Civilisation’s Style Master. Style Master lets you specify which browser or browsers you’re creating for, create fully CSS1- and CSSP-compliant style sheets, open and edit style sheets regardless of which application created them, edit style sheets in the heads of HTML documents, preview browsers simultaneously, and import HTML documents to create style sheets. The latest version also includes an intuitive editor, a templates feature, a find-and-replace function, support for WAP 2, and customizable color-coded syntax. Check out StyleMaster’s home page for an interactive demonstration; if you’re interested you can download a 31-day trial version. The full version costs $29.

OmniGroup’s OmniWeb is an alternative Web browser that has been designed specifically for Mac OS X. Features include bookmarks with drag-and-drop functionality, keyboard shortcuts, and shrink-to-fit window zooming. It also has an aqua interface in everything from the browser to the slide-out bookmarks, toolbar, and preferences panel. OmniWeb is free to use, but registration ($29.95) is encouraged.

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