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Top 10 Tech Buzz Words of 2009 According to CIOs, CTOs

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI, December 21, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — IT professionals are planning for the technologies they will deploy in the coming year – and they’re talking with their peers. In a recent study conducted by Logicalis, a leading provider of high-performance technology solutions, chief information officers (CIOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs) are using social networking to discuss many areas of interest. Logicalis researched the most popular technology buzz words used by CIOs and CTOs in the last year and developed a valuable reference list for businesses preparing for 2010.
“After researching technology sites and conversations by CIOs and CTOs on social media outlets, we discovered the most-used technology buzz words of the past year,” Lisa Dreher, vice president, marketing for Logicalis, said. “This information will help Logicalis better serve our customers in the new year as we focus on what they are discussing and provide solutions to address their key business initiative. Based on the data, we know clients are continuing to focus on initiatives that will help streamline IT management, enhance customer engagement, keep costs predictable, and solutions flexible and secure.”

The Logicalis Top 10 Technology Buzz Words of 2009 were:

  1.  Web 2.0 – In 2009, organizations looked to IT for enhanced customer engagement, retention and growth. The use of Web 2.0 applications allows companies to support two-way information sharing, interactivity and a more intimate relationship with customers via the web. These efforts continue in 2010.
  2.  Cloud Computing – In 2009, IT budgets were cut and most IT leaders looked for ways to decrease capital expenditures while remaining proactive. IT assumptions were reconsidered and many IT leaders looked for ways to make IT costs predictable, flexible and scalable through the use of Cloud, SaaS and other similar services that turn capital expenditures into operating expenses. Continued growth in cloud-related solutions is expected in 2010.
  3.  Virtual Desktop – Another cost and time saver that adds security-enhancing technology- virtual desktop easily made the list of top 10 buzzwords. From an IT perspective, virtual desktop solutions can significantly lower costs and the time it takes to manage a large number of dispersed desktops, while increasing security – all attractive outcomes for IT leaders.
  4.  Social Media – Many companies are looking to their IT teams to figure out what social media means to them, how to leverage it for competitive advantage and how to institute some level of governance in an area that remains very open and crosses the line between personal and work life.
  5. Security – Always an area that is top of mind, security remains a top topic of conversation for IT leaders. Security can’t end up in the “cut budget column” as it can threaten all other aspects of an enterprise.
  6.  Google – Google made news this year that went way beyond search, and entered the arena of web-based applications, browsing and cloud offerings. With these areas top-of-mind for IT professionals, Google took a top slot in the buzzwords of 2009.
  8.  Microsoft – With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft became a frequent topic of conversation among IT leaders. From reviews and user experiences to in-depth testing and analysis, when Microsoft makes a release – IT leaders need to know what it means to them.
  9.  Government 2.0 – Even government is getting into the world of Web 2.0. Many politicians (President Obama to name just one) are realizing the power of web-based opinion, and understanding it can quickly drive campaigns and initiatives to a broad audience. Plus, it makes finding information and getting in touch with government agencies easier.
  10.  Twitter – Some of the IT world’s most respected CIOs tweet regularly and they have thousands of followers. For IT, Twitter can be a way to quickly share views and perspectives. For others it’s another media outlet. Regardless when certain people tweet, the IT world listens.
  11.  iPhone – The iPhone made news and now the Droid takes the stage to compete. IT teams are looking at how these mobile devices impact the enterprise in terms of support, security and viruses. With the user community continuing to grow, IT needs to be prepared and they are talking about it.

In addition to using this information to address customers’ needs, Logicalis is engaging in conversations with CIOs and CTOs on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

“The purpose of this list is not simply to make our customers aware of these terms,” Dreher continued. “In fact, many of these terms should already be quite familiar. Instead, we hope to establish an understanding of how these buzz words are establishing new or extending existing trends in the information technology industry. We want to help our customers focus on the areas that present the best opportunities for benefitting their business.”

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