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Top 5 Things Investors Want to See in the Business Plan

National Business Plan Firm (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

"Investors want to get a feel for the way you'll do business when they read your plan, so it needs to be carefully crafted and custom created," Ferriolo said. "But including some important, universal classifications of information shows that you are knowledgable about the things investors expect to learn from your business plan."

Wise assists its clients in including the following five essential things investors want to see in a business plan:

Management Team: "Investors are really betting their money on you and your company managers. They are paying for a vision, and that vision must be nurtured and driven by the right team of people," said Ferriolo. "If you can't demonstrate that your company has a strong management structure planned, then you are showing investors that you haven't put all the pieces in place. That's a mistake."

Return on Investment: Calculating an expected Return on Investment, or ROI, is just good stewardship, said Ferriolo. Smart financial modeling will show several years of calculated ROI. "You're asking someone to plant their hard-earned money in your company," Ferriolo said. "They want to know how and how much you plan to make it grow. Smart business people are never afraid to ask, 'What's in it for me?'"

Exit Strategy: "And exit strategy isn't a sign of failure," said Ferriolo. "It's evidence that you are a safe risk." An exit strategy shows that you see a future for the business outside of your involvement, and its health isn't only dependent upon you. "This is a sign of good planning," said Ferriolo. "It's the flip side of the vision you're showing in the management team portion of the plan. With a good exit strategy, you are telling investors, 'This business is so well planned and will be so well managed that, once rooted, it can thrive, even if I pursue other ventures.'"

How big is the industry and how much do you plan to capture? Capturing a small portion of a very large market or the majority of a very small market are two different paths to success that must be carefully planned. Showing an investor that you've researched your expected market share and have strategies in place to increase it is vital to the success of funding negotiations. "No one wants to go in and say, 'My company plans to do mediocre business in a medium-sized market, and I don't know exactly what medium-sized means for my industry,'" said Ferriolo. "Market share is crucial to success, and knowing your potential market share is crucial to securing funding."

What is so exciting about the idea or business? Venture capitalists and other potential investors see a lot of ideas, often over the course of a single day. A new prospect must stand out to succeed. "Finding funding is a little bit like dating," said Ferriolo. "The fit has to be right; the values have to align. But in addition to all that, there has to be that spark. You have to excite the investor.

"A smart business person looking to invest in your company has to let logic, experience and facts lead the way. But at the end of the day, you want a true commitment. You want someone to fall in love with your company."

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