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Top SMTP As a Service Solutions

Running an email campaign is one of the most effective moves to market your product. To make sure that you get your emails right into the inbox of your target audience. So, it is necessary to make the use of SMTP which is effective, reliable and trustworthy.

Looking for an SMTP service or a Simple Mail Transfer Server can be tough if you are starting out. So, this is why we have gathered the best SMTP services which you can use for your email marketing campaigns.


Duocircle offers one of the best SMTP services out there with their excellent spam filtering features, you do not have to worry about your email landing into the spam folder. You can also significantly increase the delivery of your emails with their 99.99% uptime. 

You can use Duocircle’s mail relaying service to reliably send email through any application, program and devices that are connected to the SMTP server. This way, proper authentication is also carried out with a username and password. With their high-end services business on a blacklist or an RBL can also send their emails reliably. With their exclusive outbreak protection, SPF and DKIM, and improved deliverability makes Duocircle one of the best choices for your SMTP needs.


One of the most renowned names in the SMTP world, SendGrid is a powerful cloud based SMTP service without the need to manage an SMTP server. They offer excellent scalability with a powerful set of features.

Their SMTP simple mail transfer server is extremely easy to set up and will work with any wordpress website. They have great email delivery optimization tools, email analytics, email templates with an email editor, and integrations with third-party apps and services.


SendinBlue is also a popular SMTP service. They offer a great marketing platform with SMS and email marketing.

With their great marketing automation and personalization features, you can set up great marketing campaigns. You can also integrate SendinBlue with third party platforms such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, OptinMonster, etc.


Mailgun is a super popular SMTP choice for developers and businesses. They offer powerful APIs to send, receive and track transactional emails. If it’s an eCommerce store, a small business or a membership website or anything else. Mailgun is a great option for you which is easy to scale SMTP service to send, receive and track your transactional and marketing emails.


MailJet is an email marketing solution for developers and marketers. MailJet allows their users to track, receive and send transactional emails with an intuitive user interface and powerful APIs.

They offer great email relay services which are easy to set up and is very secure. It helps you create newsletters and other email marketing campaigns quickly. They also have great deliverability which ensures that your email doesn’t end up in the spam folder. 

Amazon SES

Amazon SES is a flexible and scalable service for marketers. AWS is a cloud based service. Their SMTP service offers high delivery which is mostly focused towards developers and advanced users. A plugin is needed to integrate it in your wordpress website. 

They offer high deliverability which is cost efficient. This is suitable for advanced users as they offer high end services which are not for beginners. Depending on the usage, Amazon SES is one of the cheapest SMTP services in the market.

Final Words

There are lots of great options other than these SMTP services in the market such as Postmark, Pepipost, G Suite, etc. However, this one choice can be crucial for your marketing needs. All of the services listed above are a great choice if you are looking for an SMTP service as they offer the best services. 

We hope this article gave you some insights in finding the top SMTP as a service solution for your email marketing needs.

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