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Toshiba Announces New Microcontrollers for Electronic Control Units in Automotive Applications

SAN JOSE, Calif. July 13, 2011

Andrew Burt

The TMPM350FDTFG MCU incorporates Toshiba’s original programmable motor driver, an excitation signal (1) output circuit for resolvers and A/D converters.  These features make the MCU a compelling solution for use in power steering control units, where enhancement of the external signal input from the motor and detailed setting of the output signal can deliver more precise steering to a driver.

The TMPM354F10TFG MCU is primarily designed to control drive motors in electric or hybrid cars.  The device incorporates an on-chip resolver digital converter that converts signals from the motor resolver to digital data, yielding a smaller design footprint.  While previous products used in drive motor control units only worked with rotation position sensors using excitation signals, the more versatile TMPM354F10TFG device also supports resolvers that do not use excitation signals by correcting sensor input signals.  Furthermore, the MCU reduces CPU operation cycles by more than 50 percent since it performs a motor’s basic vector control operations in hardware; previous solutions could only support this function in software.

Product Specifications

Part number




ARM® Cortex ® -M3 core (32-bit)

Functional safety system

Single-core tightly coupled system

Power supply voltage

Dual power supply: I/O=5 V, Internal=1.5 V

Operating frequency

88 MHz

80 MHz

Built-in ROM/RAM

Flash: 512 Kbytes
SRAM: 48 Kbytes

Flash: 1 Mbyte
SRAM: 64 Kbytes


motor driver

PMD: 1ch

A-PMD: 1ch
Vector Engine


32-bit general-purpose timer: 7 units
32-bit general purpose timer with capture input: 1 unit

32-bit general-purpose timer: 5 units
32-bit general purpose timer with capture input: 1 unit

Resolver to


AD converter + digital tracking circuit

12-bit AD

10 channels × 2 units

3 channels × 2 units
4 channels × 1 unit
11 channels × 1 unit


2 channels

3 channels


1 channel

1 channel


(14 mm × 14 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)

(20 mm × 20 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)

Pricing and Availability

$12.00 $19.00

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(1) Signal for generating a magnetic field by flow of electric current in a coil of a resolver

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