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TPBox Integration


tpboxTPBox is a Plugin that can be used to display your images and other media files such as flv,mp3, htmpl pages websites etc, in a Lightbox eefect.
You just need to type the TPBox tag, then your media/files will be displayed in a web 2.0 effect.











Here are the samples of TP box usage :


{tpbox type={image} desc={Sample No1 Description} text={} width={100} height={200} title={Sample No 1 }}sample/sample1.jpg{/tpbox}
{tpbox type={image} desc={Sample No2 Description} text={} width={100} height={200} title={Sample No 2 }}sample/sample2.jpg{/tpbox}

{tpbox type={movie} desc={Flv Description} text={FLV Sample} width={400} height={300} title={Flv title }}sample/curly.flv{/tpbox}
{tpbox type={movie} desc={ MOV Description} text={MOV Sample} width={400} height={310} title={Mov title}}sample/{/tpbox}
{tpbox type={movie} desc={MWV Description} text={WMV Sample} width={400} height={350} title={WMV title}}sample/curly.wmv{/tpbox
{tpbox type={movie} desc={RMVB Description} text={RMVB Sample} width={400} height={350} title={RMVB title}}sample/curly.rmvb{/tpbox}
{tpbox type={movie} desc={MP3 Description} text={MP3 Sample} width={100} height={300} title={MP3 title}}sample/music.mp3{/tpbox}
{tpbox type={html} desc={HTML Description} text={HTML Sample} width={400} height={300} title={Html Title}}sample/blank.htm{/tpbox}
{tpbox type={ajax} desc={AJAX Description} text={AJAX Sample} width={400} height={300} title={Ajax title}}sample/blank-ajax.htm{/tpbox}
{tpbox type={htmlelement} desc={HTML Element Description} text={HTML element Sample} width={400} height={300} title={Html element here}}Ini Bold
dan ini italic

Ini H1

{tpbox type={html} desc={WEB Description} text={WEB Sample} width={400} height={300} title={}}{/tpbox}


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