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Turning Your Smartphone into a Business Phone

Having multiple phone numbers can be a great step for your business in today’s competitive corporate environment. They not only symbolize the prosperity of your enterprise, but also help you maintain a balance personal and work life. Thankfully, the entry of smartphones on the scene has made it easier for entrepreneurs to have separate personal and business numbers!
But how can you use your smartphone as a business phone without having to risk its features and safety?

Here is how to do it:
Get an Additional Number
You can get an additional phone number in order to create the impression of two different lines on the same device. Most additional-number providers operate via Internet and this has several benefits, including:

1. Your mobile device can function as a phone. Internet access is compulsory though

2. You can have a phone number in a different city, state or country. The biggets advantage is cheaper call rates for customer located in that particular area
You can also use different smartphone platforms to make your smartphone function as a business phone. These platforms include:

Google Voice

Google Voice includes a phone number that can be used for making direct calls to multiple phone numbers, be it your office, home, personal cellphone or VoIP phone. Google rings all connected numbers simultaneously, the moment a customer dials a Google voice number. Ringing continues until the call is accepted on one of the devices.

OneSuite Business

OneSuite Business allows you to have a phone number on Android as well as iOS devices as long as you’ve installed the OneSuite app. It also synchronizes all your contacts on the smartphones they are using. The highly useful features include three-way calling, call history and call waiting.


A virtual PBX designed for mobile organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, Grasshopper helps manage and route incoming calls. There is no need not use any hardware or software to start it. It auto-answers and allows the other person on the line to choose who they need to talk to when a caller dials a Grasshopper number. After giving the caller a number of options, it directs the call to the right person.

Line2 allows users to make and receive calls using an attuned smart device. As a user, you can install it on a number of devices while only one of them can use an account at a time. Line2 comes with several handy features for users, including transfer conference, call waiting, and visual voice mail. It is a great choice for people looking for an additional number to make as well as receive calls.

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