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Two Worse Financial Stocks On The Planet Are AOL & Office Depot For May 10th 2010

The worse companies as far as performance we believe to be AOL & ODP Office Depot Corp. Look at AOL sales growth here . See where it says N/A and then next year shows a loss on Yahoo Finance,

Then you look at Office Depots Growth its all RED On Yahoo Finance. This company is looking at very tought times, as the months get stronger, with small businesses going broke right after the recession and banks not lending.

What we did as a example today, is keep our shorts of AOL & ODP despite the market gain and bought RFMD and BRCD as were pro Internet Sunami like Mad Money Jim Cramer endorses.

We still believe when AOL posts around a $800 mm loss of asset value on or issues the next piece of news, AOL will futher continue to loose market share and post a loss of revenue quarter after quarter ( not including, we believe from being a affiliate for years ) search engine .

AOL is switching top management and its our opinion Tim Armstrong, is now under pressure citing a article below, as they stated and is taking control and closing out large losses and buying shares of AOL to show confidence to those he reports to.

Heny Blodget, a top Internet Business Expert and CEO of Business Insider said this on his … ” AOL’s revenues are collapsing, and a turnaround will take years. Tim did a good job of preparing Wall Street for that reality prior to the IPO. What Tim did not do well was convey just how long and sustained the collapse of AOL’s core business was going to be. ” See Article here

It is our opinion that Tim Armstrong cannot do anything about his traffic loosing search engine” Newer generations, in our opinion like search engines named, Myspace, Google, Yahoo and See the Huffington Post article, which tells the truth behind the Tim Armstrong story. The Huffington Post, talks about Tim Armstrong screwing his original investors here.

We have not seen advertisment on commercial tv from AOL, as we think its search engine is not attractive to new generations and the channel would be turned, as a,,,,, or are the top names going foward in hourly usage. The AOL video section was shut down in 2009, as AOL closed its doors on AOL Videos and upset thousands of users, in our opinion will never do anything with again, as we our company was one of them.

We see AOL loosing $3 a share in price each quarter for next 6-8 quarters, which makes a end result value of $10 a share in 1 year and $4-8 in 16-24 months.

See our full story here


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