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Typesetting- a craft without which ebooks and ebook readers cannot exist

In the olden days, typesetting was broken down into two processes- typography which is the designer’s art of designing the type; and typesetting, which is more of a technical process involving the actual setting of the type.

However, much like everything else, typesetting too has undergone a sea change, with the lines between typesetting and typography almost diminishing. And it is this change which lies at the bottom of the digital publishing revolution that we are currently seeing. We would not be exaggerating if we said that ebooks and ebook publishing won’t exist if typesetting wouldn’t have evolved.

Everyone can see the laborious hand-setting process of typesetting give way to desktop enabled page composition, which has made the process faster, more accurate and definitely a lot cheaper.

However, what does not meet the eye is the development in the domain of typography. There have been numerous developments in typography but the most significant has been that of scalable fonts.

The digital fonts which are scalable have slowly lead to a plethora of designs which has given typesetting a new dimension. What has also changed in the domain of typesetting and typography is standardization of fonts and scripts.

It is these developments which have enabled ebook publishing, ebook readers and digital publishing to be a reality. It has also made smart phones like iPhone a reality and expanded the domains of the web. Typesetting is a technical process alright; but it’s a craft- a craft which has undergone changes over the years to bring about a revolution in the publishing world.
And we at BookGenie understand these changes and how to best optimize them for your benefit. We have the expertise to handle digital typesetting in multiple languages including Spanish, German, English and French. You can always get in touch with us to know more about typesetting and how we can best help you get the best of typesetting services.

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