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Uncertain Times Herald Motivational Book for the New Year-The 99th Match

Raleigh, NC. – The 99th Match, by Author Vinny DiGirolamo, is packed with simple but powerful, life changing perspectives for everyone facing personal trials or adversity of any kind. It is a quick read and intended for youth, teenagers and adults of all nationalities and religious persuasions.

The story takes place at the legendary Brentwood High School on Long Island, N.Y., when their six year historical record of undefeated wrestling team matches is caught in the balance between an unlikely third string wrestler and a decisively fierce match against seemingly insurmountable odds. The school is real. The events are real. The odds are real. The 99th Match is about wrestling with real life.

“During difficult times, we’ll find ourselves in various roles; sometimes we’re the wrestler and at other times we’re the coach, the cheerleader, the referee, or even the spectator,” commented the author. “But regardless of our role, it’s through our trails and the choices we make that determines the outcome.”

The 99th Match is the kind of story that gets into the reader’s mind, changes their perspectives, positively affects their relationships, and increases their understanding of why things are the way they are. The author effectively weaves the languages of adversity and achievement into the story which he claims is “guaranteed to inspire and lift the human spirit.”

“It has a familiar spirit and language we’re all acquainted with. Given these uncertain times and the hope the new year brings, now more than ever is the time to consider its universal messages,” DiGirolamo continued.

Book Reviews are posted on and include several of the following:

“A great story the world needs to read.” (Freight Broker)

“Best book I’ve read this year. I couldn’t put the book down.”(Cancer Patient)

“I started to speed read to keep up with the action and to find out how it turned out.” (Elevator Inspector)

“I was on the edge of my seat throughout my flight reading the book. A must read!” (Software Developer)

“I taught for so many years, and I was always looking for good fiction to assign to 14, 15, and 16 year olds. I was happy to see that this book was able to relate teenage issues without inappropriate language. I found the characters of Michael and Danielle very appealing, normal teenagers to which teenaged readers can relate. I found the description of Michael’s match against Franklin riveting … I noticed my heart was racing… I truly felt as if I were at the match, rooting for Brentwood!” (Career English Teacher)

“I would highly recommend this book to every school that has a wrestling program anywhere in the U.S. Further, I think every coach would want their team players to read it as well.” (Retired Air Force Colonel and Educator)

“It’s not just a wrestling story meant to entertain. It has some important messages for those who are struggling with real challenges and everyone gets something a little different out of each reading,” DiGirolamo summarized. “It’s a fun story with a little bit of romance too.”

The 99th Match is independently published by its author and may be purchased online at Celestine Publishing. It is also available through and on EBay at The Lavender Rose Country Home Store. Celestine Publishing, LLC is home of the Principles with Promise concordance series.


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