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Understanding simplicity in our daily life!

In today’s day and age when things have become so complex,  have we ever taken a breather to step back and look at how it all became this way?  The answer is simple God invented man, man discovered science and science took over from there and destroyed God…  In trying to simplify one’s life we have made it miserably complicated.

We cant live without GPS systems in our cars we need the Microwave to turn on just minutes before we walk in the door, we want our computers to listen and type as we speak and then edit what we have done… we want the world to do what our whims desire and in doing so we get paralyzed when a battery dies in our cell phone or we run into a bad patch and don’t have coverage. Or when the ATM is not working and we actually have to get out of the car and go into a bank and talk… yes talk with a cashier.

As humans we have spoiled our selves with silly luxuries and have stopped doing simple tasks that made us get up and move…  It all started when some person invented the television remote control… It was all downhill from there.  It was like mankind was on a race to see how fast it could get to from being active to pure simple lazy with all kinds of ailments and a shorter life span.

I’m not trying to paint a horrid picture here but facts are facts we need to get up and move around a lot so that we can get the blood flowing and get some fresh air.  We used to be active and move around now all we do is staring at a screen like zombies.  We need to break free from this monotonous life cycle.

Here are a few tips that might help you

  1. Get up and go for a walk no matter how much you hate it.  The fresh air will do you good and the movement will get the blood flowing
  2. Stay away from junk food – eat healthy and make sure that you eat lots of fruits and fiber.  Most  of us love meat and potatoes which are high in protein and carbs and definitely not good for the system over a period of time.
  3. Try to cook at least twice a week – cooking is therapeutic and you can do it with a family member or a spouse so that it does not bore you…  it can be romantic or it can be a fun way to spend some time together and you get to know what you are eating.  We definitely don’t mean pre cooked meals…
  4. Take time out with dear ones – we spend more time running away from those who care about us and as the generations have gone by we have lost the essence of Christmas and Easter,  bring back the joy of giving and receiving love that is genuine
  5. Enjoy life as though you really mean it and think positive – if you think positive then positive things will happen.
  6. Don’t be scared to venture into your mind and discover your self – love yourself for who you truly are and understand where your strengths are…
  7. Know your weaknesses and try to accept them

Don’t try to simplify your life with too many gadgets as when you die you cannot take them with you.  Learn to live an independent life so that you depend only on your self and your family and you know that something worth living for…  Simplify your life by NOT simplifying it at all…  Now please switch off your monitor, turn off the TV, grab your significant other and enjoy a simple day at the park…

Amyn A. Ghulamali, is the CEO of Associated Outsourcing. Inc and you can reach him at [email protected]

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