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UNX Catalyst® Boosts Marketplace Offering with New Behavioral Trading Technology From Titan Trading Analytics

NEW YORK Feb. 10, 2011 Titan Trading Analytics

The firms have developed a plug-in that streams behavioral research and trade strategies from Titan’s TickAnalyst™ system into the Catalyst platform.  Based on the science of behavioral finance, TickAnalyst’s proprietary pattern recognition algorithms factor in emotions ranging from euphoria to confidence to panic.  The models were developed and extensively back-tested using ten years of historical equities tick data, machine-readable news and social media sentiment.

The TickAnalyst system simultaneously runs all models through its complex event processing (CEP) engines to "sense" certain market behavior and generate trade signals before herd mentality takes over.  Traders often receive higher-probability trade ideas hours—or even days—ahead of market correction.

The Catalyst integration also allows traders to immediately act on buy and sell recommendations by placing orders from the independent, broker-neutral Catalyst EMS (Execution Management System).  

John Coulter

"Catalyst’s open-technology framework and SDK made it extremely easy for us to integrate with TickAnalyst," Coulter affirms.  "We’re excited to join the Catalyst Marketplace, and look forward to helping UNX clients increase their trading productivity with our actionable behavioral research content."

UNX Global Head of Product Management Ruth Colagiuri states that the inclusion of such unique, third-party services into Catalyst underscores the value proposition of the platform for traders, as well as a delivery vehicle for firms who want to extend services to a broader client base.

"The Catalyst business model has always been about more than just providing an EMS and order-routing network," Colagiuri explains.  "We are actually building a global community of trading participants and third-party vendors who are developing their own Catalyst plug-ins to create customized trading solutions.  The Catalyst SDK is both intuitive and comprehensive and we are seeing increasing adoption of this model."

UNX recently announced the integration of data and research services into Catalyst from International Class Actions Management (ICAM) to help traders limit exposure to risk.  The plug-in access to ICAM’s global database of securities class actions, bankruptcies and government disgorgements was also developed using UNX’s SDK.

Available to clients, broker-dealers, exchanges and third-party application vendors to develop applications or add-ins for use in Catalyst, the UNX SDK includes multiple open APIs that provide access to thousands of callable functions and support a broad range of programming languages.  Users can quickly add functionality, update their offerings and integrate applications without having to involve the UNX development staff and incur additional development costs.


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