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USA enforces to fight software piracy

The Obama administration has rolled out its own vision for how to fight software piracy after a flood of dollars from lobbyists from the film and music industries and a public review of the matter,

As one of his first official actions as president, Obama has selected the Business Software Alliance’s top antipiracy enforcer and general counsel, Neil MacBride, for a senior Justice Department post. Among other duties, MacBride has been responsible for the BSA’s program that rewarded people for phoning in tips about suspected software piracy.

Globally, more than $51 billion worth of software was stolen in 2009, an 11-percent increase over the previous years. according to a recent research by BSA and IDC, a leading market-research firm. The study said that the countries with the lowest piracy rates are the US, Japan, New Zealand and Luxembourg, all near 20 percent. The highest software piracy countries are Armenia, Bangladesh, Georgia and Zimbabwe, all over 90 percent. That included nearly four out of five programs running on personal computers in high-piracy markets like China. Even in the United States, which has the lowest software piracy rate in the world, one in five PC applications was unlicensed last year.

UniKey hardware key is the best software protection system available for protecting software in network environments. Plug the key into USB port of any computer in a network and it provides flexible 3-way software protection:
•       Software copy protection
•       Limits the number of users who can access your application concurrently.
•       Assigns the number of users with the right IP to access the server.
•       Controls access of up to 64 different software modules and packages.
•       Sets user number by each of the 64 modules

Before releasing the software, software vendors would have customers try the software. UniKey PRO network hardware key can assign users to have the right to access the server with the server IP address which can lead the client to find the server. When the PRO key is attached to the server, working well, it automatically stores its IP address. Users assigned by the server can run the software demo after establishing communication between the user IP address and the server IP address.

Highlights of the UniKey PRO
•       Driverless
•       Licenses can limit concurrent users
•       IP address can limit specific users
•       Remote update of keys in the field
•       On-chip encryption engine
•       128-bit AES Encryption Algorithm
•       Real cross-platform support

Keeping up with new technologies , SecuTech ensures that products meet the demands of both customers and end users by supporting the platforms and protocols of the modern PC. Our ultimate aim is to produce innovative products, provide advanced service and completely meet our customers’ requirement.

About UniKey
The UniKey Software License Management System is a combination of Hardware Key and Software. With increasing concerns of software piracy and license distribution, SecuTech has dedicated itself to developing the best Software License Management Systems in the market today. By working in close collaboration with software developers, software distributors and using its extensive range of commercial software experience, SecuTech has developed the a range of UniKey products to meet the ever increasing and demanding array of requests from its customers globally.

To learn more, visit the SecuTech Web site at .

 About SecuTech
SecuTech Solutions Inc. is a company specializing in software license management business systems focusing on the international market with their class leading UniKey product range. Having an extensive and in-depth range of experience in the Software Management Licensing market, SecuTech has drawn upon this experience to utilize today’s cutting-edge technologies to introduce a COMPLETE and affordable solution for today’s software vendor markets worldwide.

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