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Use of Ultrasonic Test Devices in Non-Destructive Testing Equipment Market Rising due to High Efficacy

Non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment is used to test objects for their imperfections and flaws without damaging or harming the object being tested. The non-destructive testing equipment is designed to comply with government contracts, specific industry standards, military specifications, and customer requirements. The need to perform NDT tasks and determine competency in various industries is rapidly growing globally. This highlights the need for a full suite of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions and equipment, including ultrasound, remote visual inspection, radiography, hardness testing products, eddy current, and computed tomography.

From innovative software solutions that enable remote collaboration to the most advanced data collection technology, the global non-destructive (NDT) testing equipment market provides cost-effective means of testing, while protecting an object’s integrity and its overall design.

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The Importance of Non-Destructive Testing and Equipment in Industries

The use of NDT methods and equipment helps in maximizing the life expectancy of a particular object, while reducing the overall operation costs. The importance and need for NDT and equipment is high because it ensures safety and improves the profitability and output of the testing object during the process. Some of the most common day-to-day examples that are regularly examined are trains, oil rigs, aircrafts, pressure vessels, and bridges.

The scope of non-destructive testing also covers amusement park rides, power plants, pipelines, automotive parts, naval warships, submarines, medical imaging applications, and a list of endless other industry applications in the world. The global market for NDT equipment has a wide variety of non-destructive testing devices that are used for various purposes in different industrial sectors. The non-destructive testing devices provided by GE Measurement & Control Solutions (U.S.) are extremely effective when it comes to checking products such as wires, pipes, steel structures, tubes, bars, and machined parts for defects during the fabrication process.

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Non-destructive testing equipment is used to determine the ultimate tensile strength and physical properties of the testing materials such as ductility and fracture toughness. With non-destructive testing methods used during the manufacturing process, the risk of breaking is reduced. NDT techniques improve the quality of the objects and facilitate durability. The need for NDT and inspection during the construction, manufacturing, and operation stages is invaluable and inevitable. The testing can be performed at any stage of construction, from initial plate construction to the finished structure. Based on the test results, the materials and welds can be rejected, accepted, or repaired.

Moreover, on the basis of technology, segments such as radiography and ultrasonic are substantially rising in the global market.

Ultrasonic Test Equipment Outpacing Other Technology Segments in the Market

Due to the wide usage of ultrasonic testing equipment in the manufacturing, medical, steel and aluminum, construction, defense, aerospace, and automotive sectors, the overall segment led the global NDT equipment market in 2014. The segment suffered a severe impact due to economic recession during 2008-2009. However, due to the influx of new devices such as digital flaw detectors, test machines, thickness gauges, and phased array flaw detectors, the market has done quite well over the last few years to maintain a stable growth rate.

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