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Utilize Forums to Gain Focused Customers

I have noticed a new round of spam showing up in online forums. It seems that there are applications used by so called internet marketers that help to automate or semi automate the spamming of forums. These software applications try to create numerous accounts and profiles, and then try to make posts or follow up comment posts automatically.

The idea behind this wayward strategy is to amass incoming links through their forum profiles or signature links. This may help to get some low value links back to your website, but what will the reader of your off topic, and often nonsensical, post think of you and your website? Quite often, webmasters will recognize your efforts as spam and happily notify your web hosting company of your activity. This can lead to suspension or cancellation of your hosting account.

I would also like to point out that a forum post about weight loss in a drag racing forum will not count for much in the search engines eyes, nor send any meaningful visitors to your web site. Links that come from forum post are best when surrounded by related content. Search engines recognize this and will count those links as having more weight.

The logical and ethical approach to marketing in online forums is to focus your efforts on forums that are related to your websites' topic. Here are 6 tips to getting laser focused visitors:

1. Create an online persona for your website or blog. If you are afraid of using your real name create a pen name and use that name as your forum nickname. Use it in multiple online forums if possible and people will come to recognise you, and hopefully your expertise, across multiple forums.

2. Only post in forums that are related to your websites' topic. The more closely related the better, but you can sometimes find forums that at least revolve around the keywords of your topic.

3. Start interesting post by asking questions. These post can be a little controversial to attract attention. "Is Squidoo better than Hub Pages?" for example

4. Be helpful. You will grow your reputation as an expert in your field by really helping people. In time, people will seek out you and your opinion.

5. Be respectful of others in the forums. Avoid creating disagreements and long drawn out arguments. These can be very big time wasters and detract from your reputation.

6. Offer special pricing on your products to forum members. I usually make these offers close ended. Post can be around for a long time. You don't want to offer a discount forever, but it can still attract visitors long after it has expired.

You will find that forum post can rank very well in search engines and also last for years. By focusing your effort on meaningful post in forums related to your niche, you can drive quality visitors to your blog or site for a long time to come.

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