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Vancouver-Based Company Introducing Big Plans to Solve China’s Growing Plastic Waste Problem

An innovative Vancouver-based company has developed a revolutionary organic additive that can easily be added to plastic products in the form of small pellets during the manufacturing stage. The proprietary technology will rapidly speed up the biodegradation of plastic waste, helping to solve China’s growing plastic waste problem in a big way.

(PRWEB) December 12, 2016

If you were under the impression that modern recycling practices for plastic products are working, think again. A group of Vancouver-based entrepreneurs are looking to revolutionize the way we manufacture our plastic products, starting with China. Breakdown Plastic is an innovative manufacturing company that is gearing up to tackle China’s growing plastic waste problem in a big way, all thanks to an inexpensive organic additive developed in the United States.

The proprietary technology behind the additive, allows it to be added to most plastic products during the manufacturing stage in the form of small pellets. These small pellets are producing excellent results. Plastic products that, in the past, had taken between 400 to 500 years to biodegrade in landfills, will now only take between one to five years. The low-cost additive can easily be added to a variety of plastic products including packaging, food supplies, rubber tires, plastic bags, bottles, clothing and more.

The company is currently focusing its attention on Asia because of the continent’s overwhelming plastic problem. Last year alone, China transferred 800,000 tonnes of plastic into landfills. The plastic waste problem is further compounded by lack of space in current landfills, specifically in densely populated places like Hong Kong. Company founder, Ryan Jesse believes that, “the organic additive will not only help solve the worlds growing plastic problem, it will help transform the way the world deals with plastic waste.”

A popular Asian coffee chain, Pacific Coffee, is using the organic additive for its plastic garbage bags and very shortly, it’s disposable cutlery. The coffee chain is devoted to environmentally sustainable initiatives and, according to a recent South China Morning Post article, is, “in the initial stages of exploring [the additive] for future use.” If everything goes well, it won’t stop there. Breakdown Plastic has already begun shipping the organic additive to South Korea and India and has been approached by many large global companies that are searching for a ‘greener’ solution to their own carbon footprints.

Although there are several plastic alternatives on the market today, Breakdown Plastic’s organic additive is different. It is a patented formulation that allows treated plastics to biodegrade deep within landfills. The simple process of adding the organic additive to the plastic during its manufacturing stage coupled with the inexpensive price tag are of high value to both businesses and the environment. So what does the future hold for this Canadian company and its big plans to help solve the plastic waste dilemma? Breakdown Plastic’s founder states that, “the results we are witnessing through our third party testing are revolutionary and the positive impact that this technology could have on the world’s plastic dilemma is unprecedented. With the research and development team that we have in place working on our next product, a non-additive resin called ‘Breakdown Earth’, there is even more hope for the future of non-petroleum based products.”

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