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Ventless Gas Heaters – A Safe And Convenient Heating System

There are many advantages of using the ventless gas heaters. Fuel efficiency is of course the biggest advantage of these heating systems. As a result, hike in gas prices won’t affect you much as it does with other conventional systems. It can be considered eco-friendly because of its efficiency and also because of its zero emissions. Better heating is achieved because no heat is lost.

Ventless gas heaters are available in a wide range such as stand alone versions, wall mounted versions, gas log versions, blue flame versions and radiant versions, offering the users a lot of convenience.

While there are no known disadvantages, there are some popular misconceptions about the product which has given it the tag of being unsafe. One popular fallacy is that it causes asphyxiation. However, it is only possible if there is improper ventilation in the room where the heater is installed. Fears about higher levels of carbon monoxide are another misconception, again possible only if there is no ventilation in the room. In fact conventional heating methods present a higher risk of carbon monoxide emissions because they operate on the principle of combustion.

A genuine grievance is that ventless gas heaters increase humidity levels in the room. Once again, proper ventilation is the solution. The only serious drawback of the product is that it requires higher levels of maintenance and in many cases; it entails a visit to the service center carrying the system along.

Natural gas garage heater is another type of heater which is safe and convenient to use. They do not need electricity, are compact and hence uses less space, operates silently and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Propane ventless heater is cost effective and has outstanding features. They are light and portable, can be easily refilled and used domestically as well as industrially.

Stainless steel weather proof body protects it from corrosion. Infrared gas heater can also be safely used to increase room temperature by using low intensity IR rays. It is safe, cost effective and creates uniform heating throughout the room.

Natural gas space heater can be used to heat limited spaces. It is portable and does not offer any space constraints. Temperatures can be controlled using a knob. Refills are easy and it’s virtually maintenance free.

Ventless gas heaters are easy to install and with the right tools and expertise, they can be done in a short span of time. It is advisable to use a carbon monoxide detector alongside to make the system fool proof and safe.

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