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Ventureneer Webinar Teaches Small Businesses, How to Keep Website Up-to-Date Easily, Inexpensively

For the small business owner or nonprofit leader who doesn’t understand techno-babble, Ventureneer offers a webinar that will help keep their organizations’ websites active and attractive to visitors.

New York, NY March 29, 2010 — Setting up a website is only half the marketing battle: Attracting visitors and keeping them on the site is the hard part.

Blogs, social media, and RSS are tools that can generate website traffic but entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders may not like the sound of all that techno-babble.

For the techno-phobic entrepreneur, manager, or nonprofit leader, Ventureneer has a free webinar,Tools to Keep Your Website Up-to-Date That any Small Business or Nonprofit Can Afford. It will teach business leaders how to keep websites enticing without spending a lot of money.

“Small businesses and nonprofits must get the word out about what they are doing, what they need, what they can provide customers or clients, and how successful they are,” says Geri Stengel, founder of Ventureneer. “These things change frequently so a website can’t be static. It has to grow, change, and be updated. Our webinar will show leaders how to do that, with minimum expense.”

This free webinar will provide an overview of free or low cost, open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) and other tools to keep a website vibrant.

It will be held from Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 12n — 1pm ET

The webinar will cover:
    * Word Press, a popular blogging tool for websites.
    * Drupal: A powerful and versatile CMS for web development and design.
    * Integrated Social Media: Twitter and RSS as tools for keeping users interested and a website relevant.

It will be taught by two pros from  Nonprofit Solutions Network (NSN), Jason Hutchins, President of NSN, and Adam Louie, its Creative Director. NSN provides customized technology solutions to meet the specific needs of nonprofits and small businesses within the financial constraints they face.
By the end of the webinar, participants will have a good understanding of why, how, and which tools they need to attract visitors and keep them coming back.
The webinar will benefit senior management of nonprofits and small businesses, including CEOs, COOs, and CFOs, as well as office managers and marketing managers. If they don’t plan to use these tools themselves, at least they’ll be able to talk to the staff who does.
About Geri Stengel
Geri is founder of Ventureneer, an online education and peer support service. An adjunct professor at The New School, she honed her online experience at companies like Dow Jones and Physicians’ Online. Geri co-founded the Women’s Leadership Exchange and is president of Stengel Solutions, a consulting service for social-impact organizations.

About Ventureneer provides nonprofit and  nonprofit training through a new approach to learning: a blend of traditional, formal instruction with informal, peer learning that takes advantage of Web 2.0 technology to capture and share knowledge. Ventureneer’s customized blogs, virtual classes, peer-to-peer learning, coaching, web events, and articles help entrepreneurs make faster, better decisions for their enterprises.

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