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Virtuabotix Upgrades Packaging & Retail Labeling for Their Electronics

Virtuabotix announces updated product labels and packaging roll out with the release of the Versalino Uno 1.3.

Colorado Springs, Colorado (PRWEB) October 28, 2014

Virtuabotix has announced that they are replacing all of their old product labels and packaging with new high quality labels and Indestructo boxes. In addition, they have formalized their “Nerdometer” rating. The official statement from Virtuabotix and more details on the packaging updates can be found here:

The new labels feature a larger, cleaner, gaming card-style layout, which prominently display the product title, category, contents, key features, voltage and current requirements, a scannable UPC/EAN, the updated “Nerdometer” rating, Virtuabotix logo, and a high quality photo of the product. A new badge system indicates whether the product is made in the USA: custom designed Virtuabotix boards and other products made in the USA feature a badge that with “MADE IN THE USA” and a US flag; other products that are tested, packaged, and warrantied by Virtuabotix in the USA, but are not manufactured in the USA feature an avatar (a fun image that relates to the product) in lieu of this badge. Additionally, some products will now be packaged in Indestructo boxes, which are more durable than previous packaging and will be easier to store, ship, and sell.

These updates come as Virtuabotix releases the Versalino Uno 1.3, the long sought update to their flagship product lines core microcontroller system, and as a general effort to make Virtuabotix products easier to use and more attractive to buyers throughout the world. As such, the new packaging was first released with the new Versalino Uno, and will be rolled out to other custom Virtuabotix products as new inventory is processed for other products new and old.

Among the changes was the formalization of the “Virtuabotix Nerdometer” rating now indicates the recommended skill level for the product: Green indicates the product should be used for an easier project with a recommended beginner skill level; Yellow and Orange indicate a recommended intermediate skill level; and Red indicates a difficult project recommended for advanced users. Virtuabotix owner, Joseph Dattilo, said this change came about due to confusion with the rating in the past: “To be perfectly honest, in a lot of cases previous Nerdometer settings were pretty much whatever I felt like and usually ended up a lot more like an ‘Awesomemeter’ which basically told you how much more awesome one product was than another.” This change should make it easier for customers to quickly determine whether the product is suitable for their own skill level.

Virtuabotix will continue to improve the product packaging and presentation, and has stated that these updates are subject to change based on feedback from customers. Anyone who has suggestions is encouraged to share them on this page at

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