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Virtual COM Port Kit Windows CE version reviewed and updated

FabulaTech updates Virtual COM Port Kit Windows CE version: small issues fixed, the program is fully ready for download. London, UK  – FabulaTech, a leading software development company which has built its solid grounds on the software market since 2000 specializing in device driver development, application development and systems internals programming for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Embedded operating systems, announced launch of Virtual COM Port Kit (Windows CE version), an end-to-end program designed to create virtual serial ports and connect them via virtual null-modem cables.

 “Using Virtual Serial Port Kit CE you can create virtual serial ports and connect them via virtual null-modem cable. So, your applications can exchange data just like they do it via hardware serial ports and real null-modem cables. In other words, it allows to connect two applications (like GPS simulation programs) over virtual serial ports. For example, using VSPK CE, you can create pair of virtual serial ports (e.g. COM7 and COM8) and connect two applications to them. All data that the first application writes to COM7 is read from COM8 by the second application, and vice versa”, said Alan Rourke, FabulaTech Technical Director. “While elaborating the program, we have implemented the possibility of an easy integration of this functionality into any other software”.

 Virtual Serial Port Kit CE is useful for users who work with Windows Mobile serial applications joined by null-modem cable (especially if those applications require more than one serial ports pair). For example, this solution can be used for GPS simulation programs. It allows to speed up development process during debugging and data-logging period. You can debug your program (which uses serial port) by connecting it to another program (e.g. serial device emulator).

 General program features:

Full hardware serial ports emulation

Virtual serial ports look and work like real hardware ports

Up to 9 virtual COM port pairs can be created

Once created virtual ports are operable at each system startup (prior to user login)

Virtual communication is more fast and reliable than via real null modem cable

 User Interface and API:

User-friendly program interface

Hot Virtual COM port creation and removal

One click enable/disable button for all virtual serial ports

Virtual serial ports are controlled directly from your own application using Dynamic Link Library (OEM license)

 The program is available for Windows CE (ARM, MIPS, SH3, SH4 and x86). True virtual serial port driver.

 For the full information about Virtual Serial Port Kit, please head over to

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