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VueLogic White Paper Reveals How Understanding Customer Performance Migration States Can Optimize Sales Performance

ATLANTA Jan. 26, 2011 VueLogic LLC "Managing Migration Between Customer States," Ron Garmon

The paper reveals how customers migrate between certain states, or levels of association with a company, and the actions that an organization can take to ensure its customers are in a state of positive performance for as long as possible. The paper then explains how sensitive data models can be used to forecast when and how a customer should be engaged for a transaction. The customer states identified are unknown, prospect, active, reactivated, lost, dead or zombie.

"CRM marketers have the continuous challenge of maintaining positive outreach or "pulses" to their customers to stimulate purchase behavior," says Garmon. "This paper guides marketers on how to use descriptive analytics to understand current customer states and then how to use predictive analytics to know which outreach tactic will stimulate the next positive engagement."

The white paper gives equal importance to understanding the pulses that the customer initiates with the marketer. For example, a customer might be signaling a purchase or, in the worst case, attrition to a lost or dead state. The key for the marketer is to interpret the signal correctly to know how to respond. The wrong response will move the customer to a non-performing state, which is much harder to reverse. By constantly monitoring all inbound channels, marketers can identify loyal and revenue-producing customers and respond rapidly to maintain and strengthen those relationships.

Additional topics explored in the paper include:

  • Possible Customer Migration Paths
  • Pulse Theory
  • Activating Prospects
  • Keeping Them Active
  • Coping with Loss
  • The Cost of Loss

While all this may sound like overly complicated math, VueLogic provides its customers with easy-to-use tools that simplify the science of marketing. Every marketing team can readily access the VueLogic tools online and monitor customer buying behavior to prompt appropriate responses designed to build loyalty and, ultimately, maximize sales performance.

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