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As sad as it may sound, you can’t play games all the time, no matter how sturdy your system might be. When it’s time to take a break, is there for you.

No matter how much you might try those hand strengthening exercises or drinking caffeine-junkie beverages like BAWLS, there’s one sad, basic truth of game playing: at some time, you’ve got to take a break.

What to do in those down moments, besides mentally plotting out new Counter-Strike strategies? Why, watch TV, of course. But with G4, at least you can stay happily contented within the gaming realm.

G4 is a Comcast-owned network dedicated to gaming, and it serves up a heaping helping of entertainment, news, and information about the interactive entertainment world, including video, PC, online, and wireless games. The channel hits around 9 million homes through the cable services of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Insight, and Mediacom systems.

In other words, if your cable company is here, and you’re stuck with deciding between watching Lifetime or CMT, maybe it’s time call them to make some changes, friend.

The network’s accompanying Web site doesn’t have the jaunty fun of the actual shows, but at least it’s got a crazy retro color scheme going for it. No one put orange and brown together like ’70s designers, and as much as I never thought I’d say this, it’s nice to see the retina-burning combo back together.

While you’re waiting for the cable company to get you the channel, you can read up on the shows, all of which have names that sound like funky nail polish colors or bad hip-hop artists–Arena, Filter, Blister, and Cinematech. The site also includes schedules, a community section, news releases, and a video section that’s mostly the channel’s ads.

It’s short on information and links to other gamer resources, but perfect for finding out what to watch during those breaks from the Xbox.

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