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WebHost.Uk.Net introduces white-labelled end user web hosting support

“We had been offering end user support to our reseller clients earlier, but it was not 100% private-labelled. However, now with the help of Vision Helpdesk :, we have designed such a solution where every reseller who wants us to manage his end user support, can create a client portal on HIS website where his clients can now submit support requests, which in turn will be resolved by our support staff, but under the company name of respective reseller”, said Abbie Clayton – Head of Business Development for WEBHOSTUK LTD. “With the implementation of this new 100% white-labelled end user support, our resellers can now cut down their support costs, while our highly experienced and qualified staff will be managing their support efficiently and that too 24x7x365 days a year”, she further added.

The company boasts that the end user support solution implemented by them is 100% white-labelled, helpdesk oriented solution, where end user resellers can create queues and support departments in WEBHOSTUK LTD helpdesks.

Every reseller customer can also create an end user support portal on THEIR own website, where their clients can submit tickets. Hence, reseller end user clients will be submitting tickets via their reseller’s website, however those requests will be managed + replied + resolved from WEBHOSTUK LTD helpdesk and that too with the reseller company signature attached to the reply for the respective reseller.

This is a unique example of end user support, as till now it was only possible to offer end user support just with the help of emailing forwarding concept. But in the above scenario, end user visitors will submit a ticket or helpdesk request from their reseller website -> the request will land up in WEBHOSTUK LTD helpdesk -> Every reseller will have access to his website queues in WEBHOSTUK LTD helpdesk -> WEBHOSTUK LTD staff will resolve and reply to the support query as if they were working for that respective reseller company. In the entire process, there is 0% possibility for the end user visitor to know that his website is hosted with WEBHOSTUK LTD reseller or that WEBHOSTUK LTD staff was the one who replied his/her support request. On the contrary, the end user visitor will always think, it was his parent hosting company staff (WEBHOSTUK LTD reseller staff) that resolved and replied his/her support request.

The company claims to have implemented this unique white-labelled end user support solution with the help of industry leading multi-company, multi-domain helpdesk: Vision Helpdesk –

About WEBHOSTUK LTD : WEBHOSTUK LTD is a UK based web hosting company that has been offering Linux and Windows web hosting solutions such as shared hosting, reseller web hosting, e-commerce web hosting, managed VPS and Dedicated servers, SSL certificates, domain name registration services and many more.. The managed VPS and Dedicated server solutions available both on Linux and Windows servers, can be found on

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