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WebXites has built a better host, chock full of friendly employees and with a wealth of happy customers.

Look up the term “Web hosting” on Google sometime, and see what you get. Chances are, you’ll feel overwhelmed by all the companies willing to rent server space and help you develop an e-marketing plan. But, says Gene McCubbin, try calling some of them and see who answers the phone. As president of Houston-based WebXites, McCubbin has built a better host, chock full of friendly employees and with a wealth of happy customers.

How did the Webxites product line get started?

The core idea behind WebXites is recognizing that the small business entrepreneur or manager simply does not have the time or resources to substantially invest in a web presence and online marketing. Thus, most simply continue putting off their Web presence and marketing efforts.

We take the pain out of the equation by doing all the heavy lifting for them. We are, by definition, a value-added hosting company. The value we add is the human beings and intellectual property to help you develop and market your site and our own proprietary point and click templated web development tool called Visual Composer.

Why do you feel there’s a need for what you provide?

Simple: fear. The average small business owner has not properly developed a Web presence or marketed what they have developed because of the costs in both time and money. They are afraid of the unseen costs, they have heard or experienced horror stories, they are afraid of the impact of their own success from the Internet.

We offer our customers a helping hand in getting rolling, expert advice based on servicing thousands of customers, and a friendly and helpful source of ideas both in the beginning and as they grow.

What do you think are the largest challenges facing small businesses right now, and how does what you do help to tackle those challenges?

I am myself a small business owner and actively involved in the entrepreneurial community. I love entrepreneurism and am a big believer in the truth behind the saying that small business enterprises are the lifeblood of our country’s economy.

That being said, most small business owners are first time entrepreneurs. They are wide-eyed and excited but generally clueless when it comes to the basics of management, operational issues, finances, capital acquisition, HR, etc. As a result, good businesses fail unnecessarily every single day.

WebXites helps entrepreneurs by keeping their Internet and Web expenses tightly controlled and assisting them in creating additional revenues they might not otherwise have recognized, potentially through online sales and marketing, use of coupons to drive traffic into a retail location, properly closing the loop on the overall advertising cycle by driving business through their web site, by increasing their professional credibility, developing e-mail/search engine/ newsletter marketing techniques, etc.

What kind of reaction do you get from customers about your services? What do they seem to like the best?

Initially there is some confusion, as we are a paradigm shift from the typical WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) hosting companies and software solutions. We are frequently having to answer the question: “You do ALL THAT for only $50 a month?”

However, most of our customers love the service and become quite addicted. I jokingly say we use the crack dealer model for expansion: free for the first 14 days, then $50 a month thereafter. We can give it to you free for the first 14 days because we know you are going to want more.

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