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What do you do if you love your job but hate your boss?

According to a recent Maritz® Poll, There are FOUR difficult boss personality types. “Discovering which one you’re dealing with will help you learn how to work more effectively and enjoyably with your boss.”

“One of the biggest challenges for employees today is learning how to get along with their supervisor,” says Keith Rosen, Executive Sales Coach and Best Selling Author of Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions.

According to a recent Maritz® Poll, There are FOUR difficult boss personality types. “Discovering which one you’re dealing with will help you learn how to work more effectively and enjoyably with your boss.”

* Win-At-Any-Cost – Tough, controlling and ruthless. Worse yet, they are not seen as honest, ethical or intelligent by their direct reports.

* Taskmaster – This boss is tough, controlling and task-driven. This is a ‘Type A’ personality; not cheerful or peaceful, but more focused on achieving goals.

* Likeable Loser – Although wholesome and charming, the Likeable Loser is viewed as incompetent, inconsistent and clueless. Employees simply do not respect this supervisor type.

* Glad Handler – Despite being friendly and flexible, they are recognized as dishonest, unreliable, clueless and uncaring.

“People define themselves by their career,” explains Keith Rosen, Master Coach and President of Profit Builders. “That’s why loving your job is one of the most fulfilling parts of life. Being able to work with your supervisor in a healthy, happy and productive way can be the difference between frustration and satisfaction.”

*Write Your Job Description: “Not the one they handed you in the HR package, the ideal job YOU want with the company. This will help you identify your career goals.”

*Set Your Boundaries: “Bosses don’t know boundaries. Their #1 responsibility is to run the company, not worry about your feelings. So stand up for yourself and establish your role, but always give 100%.”

*Stop Tolerating: “Establish what you are willing to tolerate and what you cannot. Tolerating is ultimately a CHOICE.”

*Check Your Integrity: Ever feel something is just “off”? That's the feeling you get when you're not working out of integrity and drive. “Outline the rules and guidelines you live by and stick to them!”

*Coach Up! “Learn how to coach your supervisor or boss. Speak with you boss about how you want to be managed, re-train people how they can respond to you in a healthier, non-toxic way.”

What if you’ve tried everything to make it work but you still hate your boss? When do you know it’s time to Quit?

5 Signs You Need To Move On:

*You leave the office three minutes earlier each-day.

*You start bringing an oxygen tank to work just in case your boss decides to suck the life out of you that afternoon.

*You are finding it more and more challenging to fit under that microscope.

*You're finding that it's affecting your home life and personal relationships. Don't yell at the kids and it's not the dog's fault.

*You don't like what you do during the hours you work. It's not enjoyable, exciting, stimulating or making a difference you want.

*You look forward to sick days.


Keith Rosen, Executive Sales Coach and President of Profit Builders, a top management coaching firm for sales professionals and executives for many of the world's most productive companies. As a prominent, engaging speaker, Master Coach, and well-known author of many books and articles, Keith is one of the foremost authorities on assisting people to achieve positive, measurable changes in their attitudes, in their behaviors, and in their results.

Keith’s is honored by both Inc. Magazine and Fast Company Magazine as one of the five most respected and influential executive coaches in the country. Software Sales Journal named Keith's company, Profit Builders, one of the Top Nine Best Training Firms. Keith also sits on the advisory board for several technology companies that are leading the Sales 2.0 evolution.

A best selling author, Keith has written several books including, Time Management for Sales Professionals, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Closing the Sale and Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions.

Keith is one of the first out of only a handful of trainers and consultants who has earned the distinguished Master Certified Coach designation and most important, walks his talk. Each year, he helps thousands of salespeople, managers, coaches and business owners live their true potential today. His tactical approach, intuitive coaching and positive, authentic attitude empowers people to discover and live their true potential today.

Keith's articles can be found in Selling Power Magazine and has appeared in feature stories in the New York Times, Inc. magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The Washington Times, and Entrepreneur radio. Keith is also a frequent contributor on Selling Power Live,, Fox News Channel, Sales and Marketing Management and has been appointed as the Expert Sales Advisor for

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