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What I did on my summer vacation

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … a dancing hat! Sites hed: What I did on my summer vacation dek: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … a dancing hat!

Every month in Sites, we strive to mix the fun with the functional. But in honor of summer, this month we’re focusing on the wacky. It’s July, after all, and we hope you’ll be wading in some body of water–or doing whatever your summer fun equivalent is–every chance you get. For those times you’re not, here are some Web-time, summer-feeling hangouts.

The “e” in “Web” must stand for “enthusiast,” and Larry Crump’s enthusiasm for fireworks is truly contagious. Mr. Crump looks like a high-school chemistry teacher, bedecked in a colorful tie complete with a fireworks-over-New York City motif. But in fact, he’s a licensed pyrotechnician, sharing pictures of fireworks displays from around the world, as well as information on what it takes to set up a professional display. What you won’t find on his page, he says, is any information about how to build explosives.

Humming “The Star Spangled Banner” yet? Can’t get your mind off the next occasion for pyrotechnics? If you’re not sure, let this tip from Crump’s site guide you:

Two ways to know if you are a true fireworks lover:

1) The smell of burning black gunpowder smells like roses to you, instead of like a sewer.

2) You look lustfully at any cardboard tube, except perhaps the toilet paper roll.

If fireworks aren’t your thing, how about action figures? Have you ever considered what you would look like as a superhero one-sixth your size and molded in plastic? AndGor Toy Co. has, and it can make this vision come true for you, for $250 and up. But don’t take my word for it–let AndGor set the scene:

This is not for everyone. It is not for the weak. Do you have an Iron Will? Can you take the relentless pressure? What pressure you ask? Just picture this … you are sitting at work doing paperwork when you look on your desk and see your own AndGor Personalized Action Figure of yourself staring back at you! You look away. You look back. You try to look away again but your eyes meet! It’s Play Time! Five minutes later you are saving the world from the evil paper clip demons when your boss walks in with this week’s reports. Ooops!

OK, next it’s time to pity a site–it’s time for a visit to The T’inator. Type any URL into this site, and it magically appear as if it had just been vandalized by Mr. T himself, or by a Mr. T-lovin’ fool. But enough of that jibba jabba. Check it out for yourself. You’ll get the best results if you T’inate a site first, and then send that URL to an unsuspecting friend.

Last but not least, visit Hatten är din, where you’ll be mesmerized by swaying, floating images, set to a catchy Arabic tune, sung in Swedish. The song has something to do with a magical dancing hat. (If you can read Swedish or have a handy translator installed, go to the full story about the song.) This summer craze-in-the-making may not reach the level of the Macarena (“Hatten är din, hatt-baby” just doesn’t have quite the same ring), but it’s just as fun and makes about as much sense.

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