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What is Online Backup Without Customer Support? Not much.

Consider the following scenario: It's after ten p.m. You've stayed at work late to finish up a big presentation that could mean big things for your business. You make a few final edits, hit save, and head home for a few hours of sleep. In the morning you come in energized and ready to give a killer presentation, but when you step off the elevator, you're greeted by your frazzled secretary, Anne. Jack, we've got a major problem!” she says. “The server crashed and we can't get it back up and running!

Consider the following scenario:It’s after ten p.m.  You’ve stayed at work late to finish up a big presentation that could mean big things for your business.  You make a few final edits, hit save, and head home for a few hours of sleep.

In the morning you come in energized and ready to give a killer presentation, but when you step off the elevator, you’re greeted by your frazzled secretary, Anne.  “Jack, we’ve got a major problem!” she says.  “The server crashed and we can’t get it back up and running!”

Your stress level immediately goes through the roof.  You don’t need this now!  Your big meeting is only two hours away.  You take a deep breath and try to calm down.  You just need to focus on getting your data back, especially the presentation.  You saved your presentation on the company’s file server, which automatically backed up last night after you went home.  You’ll just call your backup company and restore the data to another machine.  Everything should be fine.

You ask Anne to get your online backup service provider on the phone, ASAP!  Half an hour later, you stop by her desk.  “I’m sorry,” she says, “I haven’t been able to reach anyone yet.  I left a voicemail and put in an email request for support.  They’re supposed to respond within three hours.”

You manage not to scream at her.  After all, it’s not her fault.  You were the one who decided to go with the $9.99 a month service so that you could save some money.  “Ok,” you say, “get our IT guy in here.”  “Sorry Jack, he’s in Bermuda,” is her reply.

There’s an hour left before you’re supposed to meet the potential client and deliver your presentation.  You decide to take matters into your own hands.  You’re a smart guy.  How hard can it be to recover one file?  Half an hour later, you think you’re close to figuring it out, but it’s still not working.

You realize it’s time to throw in the towel.  “Anne,” you mutter, “Please call and cancel the meeting.  And tell them I’m very, very sorry…”

“Sorry I chose the wrong online backup provider,” you think to yourself.

This is just one example of a scenario where customer support could have made all the difference.  Had Jack been able to reach someone on the phone right away, the situation could have gone from bad to better, rather than from bad to absolutely terrible.  As Jack discovered, having the right backup provider on your side is critical.

These days, most businesses are aware of the importance of protecting their critical data.  Unfortunately, many businesses only focus on the backup portion of the equation and don’t think about how things will play out when they need to recover data.   An online backup solution, where encrypted data is backed up and restored over the internet and stored in a secure, remote location, is a great option, but beware – not all online backup is created equal.

Some online backup providers offer services for a couple dollars a month, an attractive deal for businesses that are trying to keep costs to a minimum.  However, you should ask yourself the following:  If my monthly fee is barely enough to pay a customer support rep for an hour of work, how much support can I really expect to get from this provider?  Is this company even going to be in business tomorrow?  And how much will it cost me in the end if I can’t get my data back?

Support isn’t only related to incidents and emergencies, either.  Because online data backup often tends to be a “set it and forget it” type of scenario, users may have a false sense of security, thinking that everything is running smoothly, when in reality it may or may not be.  A good service will monitor backup activity to make sure that your backups are running properly and that your data will be there when you need to get it back.

Here are some things to look for in an online back up provider to ensure that you’ll receive the level of support your business needs:-Live Support – Automated phone systems and voice recordings won’t help you recover your data.  You should be able to reach a knowledgeable, helpful support engineer every time you call.

-24/7 Availability – Data loss can occur any time.  Sometimes you can’t wait until 8:00 a.m. to get your data back.

-Immediate Response Time – In an emergency, you don’t have a moment to wait to recover your data, let alone the three hours that’s standard for some providers.

-Daily Monitoring – If no one is looking after your backups, how can you be sure they are working the way they should?   A provider should be focused on ensuring that your data is always protected.

One provider that offers all of the above is Backup My Info!, a national online backup provider that has been serving small and midsized business since 2002.  At Backup My Info! we believe that there is nothing more important than supporting our customers every step of the way so that they no longer have to worry about whether or not their business is protected.

We are available 24/7 for support, and our customer support engineers have the expertise needed to solve any of your backup issues, from a simple file restore to a restore of an entire system.  We’ve seen our share of situations like the one Jack faced, and each time we’ve been able to successfully and quickly restore our clients’ data, saving them from the painful consequences of data loss.  This is just one of the many reasons 100% of our clients would refer us to other businesses.

For more information on Backup My Info!, please go to or call 866.444.BUMI.

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