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What to Cook: SuChef Launches Website for Soon-to-be-released Money and Time Saving Recipe App

Coming to iPhone and iPad in March, and android devices shortly thereafter, the SuChef app allows users to speak, type, or barcode scan their ingredients of choice into the smartphone or tablet for a recipe search that produces the best matches to determine what to cook from one day to the next. Users can tailor their results to practically any lifestyle, food preference, or dietary restrictions. Users can also search for recipes from a broad list of specific criteria without entering ingredients.

SuChef developer Manne Darby designed the app to help people make quick decisions about what to make for dinner using ingredients already in the pantry and fridge, saving unnecessary trips to the grocery store.

According to Darby, Americans log more than 60 million online searches for recipes each month.

“With that many searches and only a little over 100 million households, it becomes obvious that we frequently have no idea what to cook,” Darby says. “Finding the right recipe through traditional online searches probably takes up more time than you think.”

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statics reports that Americans spend on average almost 50 minutes each day or a total of five-and-a-half hours each week grocery shopping, and that does not include the time spent just trying to decide what to cook. At a time when many people are trying to prepare more meals at home, the SuChef app simplifies everything from meal planning and grocery shopping to finding recipes that suit every taste and dietary need.

SuChef users can save more time by selecting the meals they would like to cook over any given time period, and let the app to create a grocery list based on those meals.

Most importantly, SuChef was designed to save money.

The average family wastes more than $1,000 per year on discarded groceries, according to studies by the Natural Resources Defense Council and other policy institutions and universities.

The leading cause of food waste is spoilage before the household has a chance to consume it. The second leading cause is food cooked in excessive amounts, leaving leftovers to be thrown away. Many people are guilty of buying large amounts of produce at once, only for much of it to go bad before it’s eaten. The same problem is typical with meat, eggs, milk and other foods that have limited shelf lives or expiration dates.

SuChef users can save $50 or more each month on groceries by delivering recipes specifically selected to use the food that has already been bought. The app can create a grocery list from pre-selected recipes to avoid purchasing unnecessary groceries, which can add up to significant savings on the overall grocery bill.

The website offers in-depth information on the SuChef app, plus a regularly updated blog with tips and information on food-related topics.

When the SuChef app becomes available in March, it can be downloaded from the Apple app store to iPhone and iPad.

For more information on the SuChef website or app, visit

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