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What Type Of Testing Your Website Needs?

But the intriguing part is that there are fantastic tools and services for carrying out testing procedures. Besides testing your own website, you can also check the site of your competitors using similar tools. So check out what kind of testing a website must experience before it is made live on the Internet.

Testing 1:
The first and the foremost testing of the website is usually done at the development stage. During the initial stages of the testing, you can check the HTML code validation, colors, screen resolution, font type and size, text alignment, CSS code etc..

Testing 2:
Another type of website testing that can be done is the Static HTML. To do this, you can double click on the web page file which will open the website over the browser. You can check website’s setting saved at last, while it is running on the Internet.

Testing 3:
Dynamic testing is done to examine the program compatibility within the website. All this is done to assure that the programs used fit perfectly with server’s operating system. For this you need to use PHP with MySQL which requires downloading of WampServer allowing easy accessible features.

Testing 4:
Speed of the website is another imperative thing that requires proper testing. Such a test is done to measure the loading speed of the website. Typically, it is the speed factor that turns back your visitors .So a website must be checked for the speed because the lesser the time it takes, the better it would be. Besides this, speed is also essential in determining the website indexing in Google algorithm.

Testing 5:
Maintenance test is something that you cannot afford to avoid. Herein, the website testing executive checks whether the website is performing well throughout and on the same hand not displaying bugs or security threats which will automatically alleviate the prospective visitors on the site. In addition to this, you must check the links are pointing to the right web page and working properly.

Furthermore, there are few other things that needs to be checked on the website. Some of them are given below:

Anchor Text
Ad Copy
Ads Location
Call to action and more

Thus, it is concluded that the website checking and its thorough testing must not be ignored. Final testing of the website may bring to the notice the errors that you might not have taken into consideration.

Kabir Bedi is a professional web consultant with 10 years of experience in website design & development services. Working with a premier Indian web design company, Lexolution IT Services, he has intelligently accomplished all the projects.

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