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Wholesale Applications Community Announces Commercial Launch at Mobile World Congress 2011

BARCELONA, Spain Feb. 14, 2011

"In the one year since WAC was initially formed at Mobile World Congress 2010, we have achieved a great deal, delivering against our committed timelines and objectives every step of the way," said Peters Suh, CEO, WAC. "Working together in a unified manner as an industry, we are having a positive impact on the mobile application development ecosystem, providing developers with a simplified method of creating applications and content, and delivering them across operator, handset and operating system. With the commercial launch of operator storefronts, handsets and applications, all based on WAC, we can say that WAC is now officially open for business."

Leading mobile operators from around the world, including China Mobile, MTS, Orange, Smart, Telefonica, Telenor, Verizon and Vodafone are announcing at Mobile World Congress that they are connected to the WAC platform, while the initiative boasts support from mobile phone manufacturers Huawei, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and ZTE. Of the handset manufacturers, both Samsung and LG will be further driving uptake of WAC by ensuring that all devices produced by the two companies that are capable of supporting the WAC runtime will do so.

WAC also today announced that Ericsson has developed and is launching a white-label WAC-enabled storefront that can be easily customised to enable operators to quickly and cost-effectively launch their own WAC storefronts. Further, WAC announced that thousands of web applications are currently available in the WAC-enabled storefronts, including many popular applications and content that end users are downloading today.

September 2010

September 2011

To demonstrate the benefits of this, WAC today will showcase a WAC 3.0 application developed in conjunction with a leading US-based television network. The application will feature compelling video and music content including ringtones, social networking, messaging and ticketing capabilities. Critically, the application is specifically designed to take advantage of select network APIs, such as user authentication and in-application billing, providing users with the ability to sign in easily and allowing them to make purchases simply and effectively while within the application.

In a statement of future direction, WAC announced that it will enable applications from alternative applications development environments to make similar use of these network assets. This approach is consistent with WAC’s goal to reduce fragmentation in the application market and will provide value to applications ecosystems across the mobile industry.  

"The demonstration of an application from a major consumer brand, combined with WAC-compliant handsets and WAC-powered storefronts, provides valid proof points to the work undertaken by WAC since its inception," continued Suh. "WAC provides the mobile industry, and more specifically, the mobile application development community, with an effective way to simply and efficiently drive the development and deployment of ground-breaking applications."

WAC Press Conference at Mobile World Congress


About the Wholesale Applications Community

February 2010

The Wholesale Applications Community will:

  • Accelerate and expand the market for applications
  • Create more compelling applications
  • Provide greater choice for users

Current WAC members are as follows:

America Movil

WAC Member Quotes


Randall Stephenson


"Ericsson’s cloud based eStore is a perfect fit with the strategic intention of WAC to provide a one stop shop for developers to reach millions of consumers. Fully integrated with the WAC warehouse, eStore allows operators to faster launch application storefronts with all types of applications and content," commented Jan Wareby, SVP head of Sales & Marketing at Ericsson and also member of the WAC board.


"WAC is a great opportunity and challenge for mobile operators and their suppliers, Huawei is very optimistic about the future of WAC," said Dr. Che Haiping, Huawei Software CTO, "As WAC’s BOD observer, Huawei has adopted WAC specifications in our end-to-end solutions, including WAC storefront, WAC-Enabled White-Label-Store, WAC Common Service Gateway, settlement and WAC compliant terminals. In partnership with Philippine SMART Communications, we deployed one of the first WAC-Enabled storefronts and now it is today commercially launched. We are also committed to fully support the development of WAC!"


Hyun-Myung Pyo


"In mobiles as elsewhere, content really is the king, which is why we’ve worked so hard at developing technologies to improve it," said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "WAC will be one of the leading platforms for global app stores, and LG will be right there with it developing even better ecosystems for content."


"We are excited to enable the distribution of WAC widgets alongside all other applications currently retailed in the Orange App Shop – it is a real indication of how WAC is working effectively and delivering on its promises," said Jean Philippe Vanot Deputy CEO, Orange and Deputy Chairman, WAC. "By taking this step to open our shop to WAC widgets, we are greatly extending the distribution reach of developers, and enhancing the global catalogue of content our App Shop Managers will be able to offer to our customers in each market. And I wish to thank our partners Atos Worldline, Surfkitchen and LG Electronics, who worked hard with us to show you today how WAC and the Orange App Shop can build a compelling value proposition to both developers and Orange customers."


"We are pleased to be part of this strategic initiative by operator customers around the global market. Samsung remains committed to providing our customers with higher value and better experience through Samsung’s innovative smartphones," commented JK Shin, President, Mobile Division, Samsung. "We will provide full support for both WAC 1.0 and 2.0 on most smartphones to be launched this year, and work closely with other members of WAC to enrich its ecosystem."


Napoleon L. Nazareno the Philippines


Julio Linares


Morten Karlsen Sorby


Michel Combes Europe

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