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Wholesale Jewelry Tell You How To Identify The Silver Earrings

1) Charles hardness
The higher purity of silver jewelry wholesale more soft texture, the surface becomes clean Guangrun. 60 grams of silver bracelets, for example, such as a pull on the open hand, no elastic, about 95% of its purity; if somewhat elastic, about 80% of the fineness of -90%; such as elastic greater purity in the 70 % or less.

(2) See rotation
Silver jewelry to cut or break open, to see the color of their rotation. If jewelry is soft, thick and soft rotation, Shaodai reddish, purity about 95%; as hard hand bending, rotation with white and gray, or slightly reddish, about 90% purity; such as hardness large rotation pink, yellow and white or gray, about 80% purity; such as bending hard, rotation was reddish, yellowish, yellowish brown and other colors, purity about 70%; such as rotation with red in the dark, in with black or yellow, about 60% purity.

(3) Silver wipe drug test
Silver jewelry silver milled in the touchstone Road (with the same test of gold), silver drugs (silver with silver and mercury drug is mixed into a software-like) in the silver trail smear hanging over the fineness of silver on the high-drug, drug linked to silver Condition less on low, do not hang silver for fake drugs.

(4) Color Discrimination Act
With a vision to identify the purity and true and false. High purity, look white, fine, glossy, and printed in the wholesale lots , store numbers and other markers; Condition low, Secheng yellow, rough work; fake jewelry silver gray color, not smooth.

(5) Bending method
Finger pinch bending, soft, high purity flexible, easy to bend easily broken; quality when the hard times of bending, folding or barely moving, and some can not even move a finger off; package silver hammer by bending or knock a few will crack; false can not afford the bend, easy to break.

(6) throws Law
High purity silver jewelry weight throw jump board in Taiwan is not high, the “pop despair” Voice; false or Condition is low light, throw bounced high in the Taiwan panel, sound more crisp.

(7) Identification of nitric acid method
Glass rod of silver nitrate drops in the mouth jewelry filed, the high purity were colored brown, green or micro green hidden; Condition low dark green, or black.

In addition, the purchase of silver earrings Shihai quality from the selection of the following four

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