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Why a CCNA Security Certification is a Career-Changing Path for Network Security Professionals?

But if the past few years and a cascade of terrifying headlines and pages of statistics haven’t made you a firm believer, then it’s time to reiterate the thought: security is a massive and valid issue. The Guardian states that police records show that nearly half of recorded criminal incidents qualify as cybercrime – not at all insignificant, for a criminal niche that has only truly been effectively around for two to three decades.

Especially in the Tech industry and IT world, where inter-communication is the number one function, and every scrap of dialogue and data could potentially be up-to-grabs, thanks to the efforts of nefarious hackers and unsuspecting human errors alike.

We rely massively on technology in today’s society. North America alone has an Internet penetration of nearly 90 percent, as per Internet World Stats. We rely on technology and our IT departments to manage our client’s information, to keep it safe, to provide us with automation and efficiency and a myriad of cost-effective benefits, at the cost of being connected to a massive global network theoretically accessible to anyone.

It isn’t, of course. Especially not when you’re a qualified network security professional, and your job is to create smart walls to segregate your portion of that network from the rest of it. It is qualified candidates like you, with the proper CCNA security training, that businesses look for, and it’s professionals who can back their claims of experience up with proof that make it far in the industry. So, can you?

The Importance of A CCNA Certification

In an industry saturated with countless professionals and very specific, tech-heavy subject matter, it’s important for human resource departments and employers to have the ability to easily distinguish candidates from one another and sort them by degrees of quality and experience, in variables other than amount of years worked or positions held in any given firm.

That’s where a CCNA security certification came to become a major industry player, offering Cisco-specific certifications for professionals who demonstrate a high level of skill in a given field. Through training providers like Koenig Solutions, professionals can set themselves apart as high-quality security pros – high enough to consistently qualify as an expert, and thus become a high-value asset to any company looking for someone qualified in that field.

CCNA is a general pre-requisite for any professional who would like to work with Cisco equipment which, while expensive, is common in top-level companies. These companies are constantly looking for ways to keep themselves secure, and many are expanding their network security teams – making a CCNA security certification that much more valuable.

Finding the right training provider is thankfully not too difficult – there are a handful of truly quality providers out there, with courses designed either for single students or entire company teams, depending on the client and their budget.

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