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WILDERNESS TOILET COMPANY Has Disaster Sanitation Solution: Hand Every 4th Victim a WILDERNESS TOILE

Vancouver – Washington USA – WILDERNESS TOILET COMPANY enters disaster sanitation preparedness and relief industry. “Hand every 4th victim a WILDERNESS TOILET KIT” – says CEO Mark Marchus. “Disaster victims need five things simultaneously: (1) experienced rescuers – (2) doctors and nurses – (3) food – (4) water – and (5) sanitation. Until I invented the WILDERNESS TOILET – there was no dry toilet system that could be packaged in such a way that it could be airdropped in sufficient quantities to meet the needs responders commonly find at disaster sites.”

“A single box of 25 individually packaged WILDERNESS TOILET KITS will handle the sanitation needs of 100 people for 20 days” – says Marchus. “10 boxes will take care of 1,000 people. 100 boxes will take care of 10,000 people. Roads are often impassable. Communications and sewage and electricity are lost – sometimes for months or longer. Drinking water is always scarce. A completely dry toilet system that packages small enough to fit into a backpack is the only sanitation system that meets the real needs of responders.”

Each WILDERNESS TOILET KIT [intended for disaster sanitation relief] includes a toilet that folds small enough within itself to easily fit into a backpack (only weighs 18 ounces yet supports a 250 pound person) – enough waste bags and toilet paper for four people for twenty days – a carton of 50 wet wipes – and a Digger (weighs less than 2 ounces but is nearly indestructible) that encourages people to bury their own body wastes – thus working to prevent the spread of diseases born in human fecal matter.

WILDERNESS TOILET KITS store indefinitely. Containers of WILDERNESS TOILET KITS should be stored at airports or airfields deemed closest to likely disaster areas – natural or otherwise – by country or state officials. As the human population expands – more people are implicated in each disaster. This causes more people to be injured – displaced – and killed. Controlling the spread of diseases born in human fecal material is difficult. With the WILDERNESS TOILET KIT that is now relatively easy to achieve. “Countries no longer have an excuse when it comes to providing disaster victims sanitation” – says Marchus. See the Company’s disaster sanitation introductory video and read its disaster sanitation implementation PLAN. Marchus adds – “If a million people are made homeless – such as in Haiti – we can solve their sanitation problems in a matter of weeks.”


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