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Will a Blog Help Your Sales?

One of the newer trends in business is having a blog for your online store. But will having a blog really help your businessYou obviously are already familiar with blogs on the internet, but have you ever considered including a blog as part of your business' website?  One of the newer trends in business is having a blog for your online store.  But will having a blog really help your business?

The Pros

1.  Your current customers may love to read everything thing you have to say.  It is a great way to virtually stay in touch with your customer base and announce a new idea or special.  It will also keep your current customers coming back now and then to see what is new.  This will improve the loyalty of your customer base.

2.  New customers may check to blog to see what kind of company you really are.  They will be interested in what you have to say as well as what your customers have to say, so having blog comments enabled might be a good idea.  Just be sure to keep an eye on those public blog comments, especially if you find yourself in a dispute with a customer.

3.  It is yet another place to help advertise your site.  This may sound counter-intuitive since it is actually a part of your site, but there are two ways it can help you advertise:

    a) It will spread the word to your current customers about specials or new products without an e-blast or other form of mass mailing.

    b) Blog content is easy to find in searches.  A potential     customer might stumble across your site simply because they found something interesting in the blog.

The Cons

1.  It takes time to maintain a blog.  While you won't have to post daily, you will have to come up with a weekly or bi-weekly schedule at the least to keep you readers interested.  This may take up more of your time than you'd intended.

2.  As I mentioned above, a customer dispute may lead to a disgruntled customer leaving negative comments on your page.  You may not be able to stop someone from leaving bad feedback on the rest of the internet, but you should be careful to maintain positivity on your own site.

If you'd rather not have a blog as part of your site, but think the idea sounds like fun, you can always start a personal blog and reference you business frequently.  You can never have your name and a link to your page in too many places.  Most web searches include blog content, so, just like having a blog on your actual website, a potential customer may stumble across your personal blog and decide to check out the products mentioned.

So there are good points and bad points, but if you have the time, why not consider a blog on your site?

Disclaimer: This article was submitted by Diego Norte who is a contributing writer and an expert in marketing.  You can reach him at

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