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Window cleaning company offers free window cleaning service in London

London’s leading residential window cleaning service have done at it again with the launch of a new ground breaking, recession busting incentive scheme that could provide Londoners with completely free, year round window cleaning! have publicly announced that they are offering all residential clients both new and existing the chance to get fully exclusive window cleaning services for no charge whatsoever, but what’s the catch?

The system works like this; lets say you currently use to clean your windows or you would like to start using them to clean your windows and are able to find 5 other people in your near vicinity or area who would also commit to have their windows cleaned on the same cycle. will then clean you and your neighbours windows but wont charge you, as the organiser a single penny.

The scheme started this month and has already started to cause quite a stir, with some residents effectively becoming agents for the company and receiving a commission in the way of free window cleaning services.

James Duncton of Chiswick in West London said “I first found out about this offer through a friend of mine who lives in North London and thought I’d give it a go. I was surprised at how appreciative my neighbour was when I recommended a good window cleaner to her and nearly all the other people I contacted in my street also agreed to have there windows cleaned on my cycle, every two months. Now I pay nothing, it’s great”

So what are you waiting for….go start rallying the neighbours but just remember to keep it to yourself that you might be profiteering from your neighbourly “goodwill”.

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