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WL Marketing Announces New Link Building Service

The latest release by WL Marketing is the SEO Starter package. This product offers the most comprehensive and extensive search engine optimization possible, for any site. Under this package, the entire optimization process lasts about four months, although clients are provided constant updates to keep track of progress on a daily basis.
The starter package includes keyword research, to identify the most suitable keywords that the website should target. It also provides 4,000 submissions to directory services, and an additional 1,200 unique submissions to social bookmarking services.

In addition, a press release is submitted to 200 sites, and an article specifically written to the client’s requirements is submitted to 300 sites. All these submissions are timed over carefully controlled intervals. These intervals have been designed to suit search engine ranking techniques, which sometimes penalize a site if links pointing to it appear too rapidly.

WL Marketing was started with the purpose of addressing major shortcomings in the services offered by most other optimization companies. For instance, many companies may not provide all the services required by a client. This necessitates working with multiple companies, and the associated complexity of keeping track of the campaign.
Moreover, many companies only focus on short term gain. WL Marketing addresses all these problems. An important attribute of all of WL Marketing’s link building service packs (including the starter pack) is that they conform to strict standards of ethical optimization.

There are various optimization practices that search engines consider unethical. The sophisticated algorithms of these engines can eventually recognize unethical patterns and optimization attempts. This includes hidden doorway pages, multiple domains, spam pages, and so on.

Many optimization companies utilize unethical methods in their services. This can have a very negative impact on client sites. Initially, the efforts may seem to work and improve rankings. However, the improvements are very temporary, and quite soon, the search engine recognizes the attempts and penalizes the site.

Extreme cases may also see a site getting permanently removed or banned from search index results. Such negative consequences are something that WL Marketing always avoids. The company’s pure link building service and ethical optimization methods ensure better and more lasting long term results.

The company says it achieves superior results by, among other things, constantly experimenting on its wide network or hundreds of sites. The sites in this test bed are all owned and operated by the company, and offer real-world data sources to determine the best course of action, without using client sites as guinea pigs.

Presently, WL Marketing is promoting its services with major discounts compared to competitors. The starter pack link building service is priced at $740, compared to $1000 pricing seen as the industry standard.

For more details about Link Building Service visit the given link. Alternatively, the company may be contacted through email, at [email protected]

WL Marketing
Address: 2514 South Blvd, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (832) 209-8671

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