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wList 2.1 released by SharkTime Software

Unlike some other tools, filenames are saved correctly, even if they contain national or international characters; wList supports Unicode. wList is the best software of its kind, because it is simpler, more flexible, and provides excellent search filters and filtering tools.

wList is extremely useful if you have a large number of CDs/DVDs. After saving a list of the contents of each disc one just once, you can choose to search multiple lists at the same time, whenever you need to. You’ll never need to try one CD after another looking for the right file again.

You save time. With wList, you can make simple file lists from large, complicated folders in no time. Just select the location containing the files you want to list, and click the ‘List’ button. wList has a very simple interface, and many carefully chosen features. You can open any file from the list with wList: just double click the filename to open and view the selected file.

wList gives you control. You can control the style of your folder list. You can control the content of your list by choosing to skip certain types of files. You can easily choose to list only files of certain types, such as: archive files, audio, documents, executable files, pictures, music playlists, programming, text files, video files, and saved web pages.

Uses of wList

  • Searching. wList is essential for finding the file(s) you want when you have a lot of them. Search through a lot of CDs/DVDs or external drives at once, without having to waste time changing drives or disks.
  • Printing. You can print a directory list and use it – perhaps as a CD cover.
  • Archiving/Backup. You can make a list of files before archiving them.
  • Impress. Create a complete list (playlist) of all of your music, pictures or video files.


For more information, contact Piotr C. at SharkTime Software: [email protected]

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